The 10-Minute Jump Rope Workout

Jump roping can be a great cardio workout. The small but precise movements get your heart pumping and the sweat dripping! We wouldn’t recommend doing a whole workout with just a jump rope – it’s intense and strength training is also important. But adding 10 mins of it into a workout keeps things interesting while increasing the intensity! Here is a workout you can do in 10 mins – aim to perform each exercise for a 60-90 secs.

Single jump

This is a classic jump rope move – with your feet together, jump over the rope. One jump per rope turn. Little jumps will do and can even be more beneficial if it means you can get more jumps in.

Figure of 8

Begin with your feet shoulder-width apart, holding the rope handles out together in front of you. Move your hands in a figure of 8 movement – from your right shoulder down to your left hip, to your left shoulder then down to your right hip. Aim to shift your weight from right to left as you move. Keep your abs tight and your knees soft.


On each turn, jump 6 inches over the rope. So turn 1: jump forward over it; turn 2: jump back – simple!

Step touch

This one is an aerobic move. Step to the right with your right foot, swing the rope round in a circle twice and touch your right ankle with your left foot. Do the same on the other side and repeat!

Figure 8

Repeat from above!


This one requires a little co-ordination. When you jump over the rope, jump to the right – aim to jump over 6 inches sideways! On the next turn, jump to the left. Try to keep your feet together!

Step Touch

Repeat from above!

Jumping jack

When you jump over the rope, land with your feet about hip-width apart, as if you were landing a regular jumping jack. On the next jump, land with your feet back together. Keep doing this for the set!

Figure Eight

Repeat from above!

Double jump

To do a double jump in one turn, you have to jump high enough to allow time for the rope to go under your feet twice. If you need to build up to it, do single jumps and every couple of jumps add in a double. Soon you’ll be able to do a full set of double jumps!

Step touch

Repeat from above!


Run on the spot whilst turning the rope like normal. Aim for the rope to pass under each foot – take ti slow to begin with so that you don’t trip over!

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