4 Reasons to have Sufficient Fibre in your Diet

You’re probably aware that a healthy diet includes fruit and veg, but what is it about fibrous foods that is so important? Here are 4 reasons why a fibrous diet is important to stay healthy.

Lowers cholesterol levels

Studies have shown that the intake of fibre into your diet decreases bad cholesterol in your blood. This is for two reasons: fibre speeds up digestion so passes food through your system before cholesterol can be absorbed (1). Soluble fibre also binds cholesterol in your gut preventing them from being absorbed (2).

Helps control blood sugar levels

Particularly in people with diabetes, fibre helps slow the absorption of sugar into the blood. This regulates blood sugar levels as less insulin is required. Studies have shown that soluble fibre can also prevent type 2 diabetes, too. (3)

Maintain a healthy weight

Fibre is essential when looking to lose weight. Not only do fibrous foods speed up your metabolism and whole digestive process, but they make you feel fuller for longer because they are difficult for your body to break down. (4)

Helps maintain a healthy bowel

When people look to speed up their digestion, they often think of laxatives. By including more fibre in your diet, you can do this the healthy way! As we know, fibre moves food through your digestive system at a quicker pace, which means that it ensures regular bowel movements. Fibre also ‘bulks up’ stool, also allowing regular movements.

How can you increase your intake of fibre?

Veg, veg, and more veg should do the trick. Also look to prunes, whole-wheat cereals and lentils. Check out our health foods below – they’re a quick and easy way to get the fibre you need!

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