5 of the best foods for breastfeeding

As a general rule for breast feeding, make sure you have a balanced diet. This means a good amount of protein, carbs as well as lots of fruit and veg. There are some foods, though, that have a wide range of goodness or are especially high in nutrients that you and your baby need when breastfeeding. Here are our favourite 5.


Eggs are a great when breastfeeding because of their protein content. Making sure your newborn has enough protein to grow is essential. We all know that babies grow like crazy so good sources of protein are a must in their diet. Eggs are also rich in riboflavin which is linked to absorbing iron into the blood (1). This is vital for growth so enough oxygen can be transported around the body.


Salmon is one of the best sources of omega-3, but why is this important? Omega-3 is crucial for infant brain development. Be wary though because farmed salmon can contain high levels of mercury which can have the opposite effect and actually damage a newborn’s brain. Try wild Alaskan salmon – it’s a deep pink colour (almost red) and is so yummy! It’s also mercury-free so is a safer option than normal salmon.

Leafy Greens

Greens are full of iron, especially the leafy ones. Ever heard of popeye and his love for spinach? It made this childhood cartoon character strong, and it will do the same for your newborn. Iron increases the amount of haemoglobin in blood. This means oxygen can get from the lungs to vital organs effectively – extremely important when your baby is growing.

Dairy products

Dairy products are high in protein and calcium. Protein is a must for healthy growth and calcium leads to strong bones. It’s also worth looking out for live yogurt in the supermarket. This contains good bacteria which helps maintain a healthy gut. It also improves your immune system so you and your baby can stay healthy!


Where to beagin… beans have so many positives for your health. High in protein, folate, iron and zinc. It’s especially important to be aware of your zinc intake as breastfeeding mothers can often have a deficiency in it, yet it is vital for your baby’s healthy development.

2 thoughts on “5 of the best foods for breastfeeding

  1. Thanks for the awesome article. I’ll be sure to follow these tips in a few months.

    Question- is it okay to eat raw fish during the time you are breastfeeding? I know that they advise pregnant women to avoid raw fish. Anyway, I hope so because I miss eating sushi.

  2. Hey @katherine_sierra:disqus ! the risk of any bacteria passing through to the baby while breastfeeding is much reduced compared to when pregnant. If you have food from reputable restaurants and if it is preferably pre-frozen it should be safe. X

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