5 foods that make you less hungry

Staying fuller for longer is one thing, but being able to reduce the hunger hormone? That’s a totally different kettle of fish. Ghrelin is the hormone which makes you hungry, while leptin regulates fat storage. These are the two hormones that you want to take care of while watching your weight. The only way you can naturally do this is though food. Here are 6 foods which can help you do this.

Split peas

Split peas help keep ghrelin at bay and regulates leptin because it is so full of fibre. Fibre is dense yet low calorie, so satisfies a hungry belly! It effectively stretches the stomach, causing your body to reduce ghrelin levels. This is why you feel less hungry when you have a fibrous diet. Fibre is also difficult for the gut to break down so keeps you fuller for longer.


Eggs are not only known as a great protein source when losing weight. They are also high in Omega-3 fatty acids. Having a diet rich in healthy fats is good because it increases leptin. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, the more good fat you have in your system, the less bad cholesterol there will be. This means that the bad fat won’t be stored as readily, but the good fat will aid healthy digestion. Secondly, Omega-3 reduces inflammation, allowing your body to lose fat and work better in general.


Almonds are a fabulous source of protein. This high protein content is hard for your body to digest so releases sugar gradually. This keeps ghrelin production at a low rate, and stops you from feeling hungry for the duration of the digestion period and after.


While people often avoid bananas when on a diet because of their high sugar content, they can actually help you on your weight loss journey. Bananas maintain harmony because they are full of probiotics. These help fight off unwanted organisms in the gut to promote healthy digestive and immune systems – both of which are super beneficial when try to lose weight.


Oats are great to reduce ghrelin and increase leptin. They are 15% protein which means your body will reduce their energy into your blood stream slowly. This keeps ghrelin at bay. Oats are also the best kind of grain for you, and therefore one of the most complex carbs around. By feeding your body with complex carbs, you’ll avoid that carb-deprived feeling of tiredness which usually ends in binge eating. Their complex nature also means that your body cannot digest them as quickly as refined carbohydrates. Refined carbs are readily turned into sugar because their energy is released into your blood stream quicker than you use it up.


Sauerkraut is especially good for dieting because it is a good source of probiotics and fibre. This amounts to a very healthy gut, allowing your body to digest food effectively and avoid storing it as fat. The fibre also helps to reduce ghrelin, allowing you to go for longer without food. Sauerkraut is a great addition to a salad or a side dish to your main meal.

What’s the easiest way to reduce grhelin and increase leptin?

Our breakfast smoothies are the answer for all your wishes after reading this article. Their protein content is made from a mixture of hemp and split peas. This means that you’ll reap the benefits of the split peas we visited earlier. Zaggora breakfast smoothies contain flax seeds which are rich in Omega-3 – we already know that this promotes the production of leptin which helps regulate fat storage. All our smoothies are great sources of probiotics because they have banana in them. It’s a no brainer, really! Have one of these in the morning and you’ll be eating such a good variety of food – including that which aids weight loss!

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