5 red foods that are healthier than you thought

While it’s good to get your daily greens, don’t forget about your reds! The health benefits of red fruit and veg include brain and blood health, digestive health, eye health and so much more – which is why we think they are super important. So important that we even cerated Red Superfood Shots for a quick and easy way to make sure you’re getting the nutrients you need. Here are 5 of our favourite red superfoods and why they feature in our superfood shots!

Montmorency cherry

Also known as Tart cherry, Monmorencies have a sour taste so are often used in crumble or for jam. While they sour cherries are used in delicious recipes, there’s a reason why they’re one of our favourite red foods. They are great for cognitive function, being antioxidants and anthocyanin (which maintains memory!). Research has proven montmorencies to help with insomnia (1). This is due to their melatonin content which is the chemical that makes you sleepy. Suffer from DOMS when you step up your workout game? Well Tart cherries can also help muscle pain. In one study, a group who drank tart cherry juice after exercising had 23% less muscle pain than those who didn’t.

Red cabbage

You’ve heard of Vitamin A, B, C, D and so on… all essential vitamins. But have you heard of Vitamin K? A less well-known vitamin which promotes cognitive function. Like Montmorency cherries, cabbage also has anthocyanin in it, meaning it’s one of the best veggies for your brain! They are especially good for preventing nerve damage which can lead to dementia. The high content of Vitamin C in red cabbage helps remove toxins from your body to protect against arthritis, skin diseases, rheumatism and gout. It also contains sulphur to clear acne and helps produce certain which is great for your hair. And on top of all that? The red pigments in cabbage help reduce blood sugar levels and are anti-inflammatory.


Pomegranate – the fruit you usually sprinkle its seeds on salad or yoghurt. But these fleshy seeds are more than just a sweet garnish. Pomegranate juice has been proven to help lower blood pressure and risk of heart disease when you eat it regularly. There have also been studies to show that pomegranate can help reduce inflammation in your digestive organs as well as prevent breast cancer (2). And lastly, they can combat some bacterias, including candida.


Strawberries make a delicious dessert, breakfast or snack, but they’re also packed with health benefits, which is why they should feature in your diet. Full of vitamin C, strawbs fortify your immune system, improves eye health by strengthening the cornea and retina, and protects the from exposure to free-radicals (from UV rays). Vitamin C can also help reduce wrinkles! Low in cholesterol, strawberries are also good for your blood and can regulate blood pressure. They are high in fibre which means they are good for your overall digestive system. They are a great snack if you’re on a diet as they are fat-free and low in sodium. Finally, we love strawberries because they are a source of folate – essential for pregnant women and hair health!


Redcurrant jelly on a roast dinner might be healthier than you think! These tiny berries are rich in Vitamin C to boost your immune system, Vitamin K for your blood health, and iron which is good for energy levels. They are also packed with soluble fibre to help reduce cholesterol and keep blood sugar levels balanced. High in antioxidants, redcurrant fight free-radicals in the body which prevents diseases such as cancer. It’s no wonder we’re obsessed with them!

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