Zaggora's 5 tips for healthy weight loss

5 tips for healthy weight loss

So many of us are on a continuous search for the miracle diet which will help us get finally into shape. Below are our simple tips for healthy weight loss that will deliver lasting and results for you over time.

  1. Get into food!

    Many people think that healthy weight loss means they need to start avoiding food. Quite the opposite is true. Sustainable healthy weight loss and healthy eating involves an appreciation of food from farm to fork and from shop to cooker to plate. Research shows that people who go for quality and importantly prepare their own food are on average slimmer and healthier than those who eat outside the home and those who frequently go on ‘diets’. Importantly, if you make quality food choices, you are far more likely to eat well generally and stick to your new food habits long term. Get inspiration on some new recipes by visiting the Recipes section.

  2. Let yourself get hungry.

    Many of us never really experience hunger, and when we do, we experience it as a ‘bad’ sensation. Actually, feeling hungry is a sign the body is doing loads of clever things that boost health. In fact, being hungry stimulates molecules called sirtuins which make you live longer!
    Getting hungry doesn’t mean skipping meals or starving, but it does mean having modest portions so that come the next meal you are actually hungry! This will naturally promote a healthier way to lose weight.

  3. Know when you are full.

    This sounds obvious, but actually it’s all about the speed of eating. If you eat too fast, you can eat more than you really want or need because the ‘fullness’ signals have not had a chance to reach your brain from your gut. Eating quickly on the go, ‘fast food’ and hurried meal times all encourage eating too quickly. By slowing the pace of eating and making proper time slots for eating it becomes much easier to moderate calorie intake. Research shows that people who spend the longest each day eating, actually find it much easier to control their weight.

  4. Never go on a diet.

    If you make a major change to your preferred eating habits it probably won’t last. Also, big reductions in calories and food intake will be followed by ‘rebound’ eating. For these reasons diets don’t work. In any case, if any one of them really did then there would be no overweight people as they’d all simply follow that diet! Remember the diet business is just that, a ‘business’, and businesses want repeat customers!

  5. Avoid artificial sweeteners.

    While you might think that these calorie free sugar alternatives are helpful for controlling calorie intake, all the evidence now points to them being part of the problem. Calorie-free sweeteners ‘trick’ your brain by tasting sweet but delivering zero energy. This confuses your brain and body and studies show, regular consumption of artificial sweeteners leads to increased calorie consumption overall. Best avoided altogether. Zaggora’ health foods contain no artificial sweeteners of any kind. Check out our Health Foods for an easier way to stay healthy.


These our our 5 simple tips for healthy weight loss. Focus on quality and appreciate your food, don’t try and avoid it, embrace it. Then listen to your body and understand portion sizes and the feelings of hunger and fullness. Being hungry is good and you will appreciate the following meal all the more. Then eat slowly and sense the point at which your body is telling you ‘enough’. Avoid going on diets – they don’t work. Finally avoid artificial (calorie free) sweeteners. The evidence is mounting that they are part of the problem, not part of the solution.

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