5 tips to stay healthy on holiday (without missing out)

Bags packed, passport ready and you’re at the airport. It’s holiday time! But when you get through the gates you’re surrounded by fast food – not so nutritious. We’ve put together 5 tricks to help you stay healthy, happy and harmonious in your own skin, while indulging in holiday delights!

Eat before you get to the airport

When you get through security and you’re itching to board that flight to bliss, the immediate distraction is food. What’s the airport experience without a bite at Pret or Jamie’s Italian? A lot more than you would expect. Don’t limit yourself to unhealthy options as a ‘treat’ – fuel yourself before you leave for the airport on yummy, whole foods. Does Maccy D’s taste that good anyway? Not compared to a nutritious quinoa bowl, that’s for sure!

Pack food

Food in your suitcase is never usually on the agenda. What would the guys on security think if your case was jam packed full of yummy breakfast bars? It might be time to let this one go. Pack snack food such as healthy bars and nuts. This way when you get hungry you won’t give in to the on-board crisps or en-route chocolate bars. It also means that when you’re in a foreign country and you can’t buy your favourite nak’d bar, you’ve got it with you – so ideal!

Don’t give in to jet lag

When you’re tired you crave sugar. Jet lag is one of the hardest times to resist a sugar spike because you’re body is telling you to sleep, but the midday sun is urging you to soak up the holiday culture. So what do you do about it? Firstly, eat fruit. There’s bound to be some local fresh fruit at your holiday destination. It’ll give you energy but you’ll miss the additives and bad stuff that sugary snacks can offer. Secondly, drink water. If you’re dehydrated you’ll feel more tired. It’s almost certain that when you get off that plane into hot air, you’ll not only be dehydrated from the aeroplane air con, but you’ll be sweating more than usual. Keep up your water levels for maximum energy! Lastly, try and get your body into the local food time. By this, we mean get in sync to the local dinner time asap. This will help get your body into it’s normal routine (the only routine we want on holiday!) and help you nourish it as much as possible.

Beware when eating out

We all love heading out for a dinner al-fresco when on holiday. But be careful what you choose. What seems a simple salad might actually not be so healthy. Chefs want their customers to enjoy what they eat, and a lot of the time this means adding sugar – even to salad dressings! We’re not saying annoy the waiter by requesting loads of different amendments to a meal, but just be wary. A delicious fish meal might actually be healthy than a salad.

Go to fresh markets

Besides delicious meals out, cooking in your vacation accommodation can be just as tasty – especially when you have local produce markets on hand. For cooking inspo, find out where the nearest farmer’s market is. They’re usually full of fruit and veg which are mouthwateringly fresh. Eating like the locals is the best way to taste their culture. This way you know what you’re eating and can ensure you get all the nutrients your body needs!

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