5 workouts to make you feel like you own it

The days of excessive cardio for women are OVER. Yes, that’s right. These days it’s all about being healthy, strong and lean, rather than skinny. We are powerful women! So, it makes sense that we get kicks from poppin’ and lockin’ in a strength session. But which ones will make you feel like you own it?


Boxing isn’t something Bugsy Malone is into. We love it, too. It’s a full body workout that works muscles you didn’t even know you had. The movement in boxing gets your heart pumping which will help achieve leaner muscle. Technique and precision is key in this sport. Attention to detail is something us women are naturally good at, so while you’re smashing it in the ring (or with a bag), we bet you’ll feel a sense of satisfaction from focussing on your technique.

Body pump

Body pump is the ultimate weights class for strong-minded women. It burns, it aches, but boy, does it feel good! The workout consists of a succinct, fast-paced weights routine that focusses on different muscles groups. This way, you’ll feel like you’re absolutely killing it all the way through your workout. Once you fatigue your legs you’ll move onto your arms, then your glutes and so on… Guaranteed you’ll leave the session exhausted but those endorphins pumping!


Bored of lifting weights in the gym? Want a new way to get stronger? Kettlebells are your answer. You can do a full strength session with just kettlebells – thats arms, glutes, legs, abs and everything else! In fact, in 4-Hour Body, Tim Ferriss comes to the conclusion that the only workout you can do to work every muscle in 10 minutes is kettlebells. Try a kettlebell swing and you’ll know what we’re talking about. Don’t forget to keep your abs pulled in to protect your back! You’ll probably get out of breathe as well doing kettle swings – a great way to gain lean muscle and kick the lungs into action.


While pumpin’ strength sessions are ah-maz-ing, sometimes a little elegance never hurt nobody. Barre: a ballet-inspired cross between pilates, dance, yoga and strength training. Possibly one of the hardest workouts you’ll ever try. If you think shaky muscles is the furthest you’ll push yourself, you’ve seen nothing yet. Barre class aims to work on your form so that even when you’re fatigued you’ll push yourself that little bit further to make your muscles burn. By the end of a Barre class you will own it like never before!


TRX is a good option if you’re a pilates bunny but want to give your workouts that extra oomph. It originated in the navy so you know you’re in for a hardcore session. TRX works to create a resistance using your own bodyweight with just two TRX straps. Simple to get your head around, but there are hundreds of different moves to get the results you want. If you’re doing it on your own in the gym, try using the TRX straps to do some pilates moves. A good one to start with is pushups. Assume a normal plank position with your feet in the foot holes and push up. Try and tell us you don’t feel the pain!

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