6 week weight loss plans

A 6 weeks Weight Loss Plan That Actually Works

Why are 6 week programs effective

If you are looking to lose weight and keep it off, a 6 week weight loss plan might be just the things for you. Research shows that this time frame is optimal to start your journey to less inches.


  • 6 weeks is enough time for your body to adapt to a new lifestyle. Our bodies hate change and oppose it. That is why every time you end a round of intense dieting the weight always comes back. Giving your body time to adjust to a new reality guarantees long term results.
  • short enough to be easy to follow

Even if you are en experienced dieter, you can still end up being demotivated by lengthy programs and slow results. This time frame ensures that you see results and stay motivated.

  • steady weight loss

A sustainable way to lose weight is to slim down 1-2 pounds a week. In 6 weeks you can trim 12 pounds off your frame. In contrast to a low caloric crash diet, your body will do immediately jumpt to put the weight back on.

6 Week weight loss plan

Week 1- Small changes

I hear many people say they will start dieting on Monday. That is a very bad idea. Mondays are always busy and you can end up falling off the wagon before you even get on. It would be better to start your fitness journey during the weekend.

  • Take time and go shopping to make sure you have healthy food options available to start your diet. Do a little spring cleaning around your pantry and toss out sugary foods, processed junk food, crackers, biscuits, cereal and sweet beverages.
  • Buy fruits, vegetables, lean meat, brown rice, nuts, avocados instead. Once you stock up on food, workout in advance your meals. Determine what you will be eating on which day. Not having to make these decision when hungry will ensure that you stick to your meals.
  • If you are very busy during the week, the weekend is a great time to meal prep in advance for the week. Make sure you have 2 meals and 2 snack prepared in advance for the upcoming week. Combine lean proteins with non-starchy vegetables or green salads. Skip the salad dressing and opt for olive oil and lemon juice.
  • drink plenty of water. Dehydration leads to weight gain, so always keep a water bottle in your bag to stay hydrated throughout your day

The first week is though, but the first step always is. Make sure to incorporate 2 workouts in your first week.

Week 3 – adjusting

By week 3 you should already start seeing results. At this point you should aim to workout 3 times a week. Your body needs to be constantly challenged in order to see results. Stick to your healthy eating and always keep healthy snack on hand such as almonds or carrot sticks in case the munchies strike.

Week 5 and week 6- maintaining

You are getting close to the end of your program. While this is definitely reason to celebrate, falling off the wagon and jumping into chocolate cake is not an option. By now your body has adjusted to the new reality of your healthy lifestyle. You should start feeling the benefits of working out and eating a clean diet. Motivation at this point is no longer an issue.

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