8 boxing-style exercises for steel abs

Abs often feel like the end-of-a-workout chore. But they needn’t be… tune into these boxing-style moves to get them burning. If you tap into the mindset of a boxer, you can keep the energy high and get through the last push of your workout!

Sit-up with one-two punch

Get into a standard sit-up position. At the top, having pushed yourself upward tip your abs, punch your left then right arm out in front of you. The punches should be in a pulsing rhythm and keep your abs tight. This way you’ll be working your obliques (side abs) when you punch.


Start in a standard plank position. One arm at a time, move your hand underneath your shoulder. You should finish with your arms locked out. Then starting with the arm you began with, lower back down to the original position. Repeat this, started with the other arm. The aim is to keep your body still and don’t let it move from side to side. This will engage your abs better and prevent you from hurting your lower back.

Plank jack

Start in a standard plank position. Jump your legs outwards while keeping your upper body as still as possible and your back straight. Jump back to the starting position and repeat.

Superman push-up

Begin lying face down. Do a normal press-up, but once you have lowered back down, move into the superman position. This is lying face down with your arms and legs extended lengthways. Lift your upper body and thighs so your abs are still in contact with the floor. Only lift as far as your lower back will let you without being strained. After this, repeat the process starting with a press-up.

Russian twist

Sit with your legs bent, the soles of your feet resting on the floor. Raise your feet but keep your core strong and your back straight. Don’t slump or you could hurt your lower back! Place one hand on top of the other and touch the floor next to your right glute. Then touch the other side and repeat. You’ll be working your lower abdominals and obliques!

Shoulder tap

Get into the plank position. Making sure your body is level, use your right hand to touch your left shoulder. Do the same with the other arm. Your body will want to rock from side to side, but keep it still to focus on core strength.

Plank walkouts

Stand with your feet at hips width apart. Roll your upper body down so that your hands are touching the floor. Walk them out so you end up in the plank position. Add an extra push by doing a press up before walking yourself back to the starting position.

Mountain climbers

Start in the plank position and draw your right knee up to your chest. As you return it back to the plank position, move your left knee to your chest. Do this repeatedly as fast as you can. Remember to keep your abs tight and your back straight for maximum impact!

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