Active wear's psychological effects

Active Wear’s Positive Psychological Effects

According to a 2012 study carried out by two American researchers, we undergo specific mental changes when we wear specific clothing items; the phenomenon is known under the term “enclothed cognition”.

The two researchers gave volunteers either lab coats or normal clothes to wear while they performed attention-related tasks. It turned out that the volunteers wearing lab clothes did way better than the other group, which proves that the symbolic meaning we associate with certain clothes affects the way we approach certain activities.

I am More Active When I Feel Good About My Workout Outfit

And why should these discoveries not be applied to sportswear too? It  is only natural to  become more active and more eager to work out at the gym when you wear good quality sports clothing.

Today, women seem to be more and more in love with active-wear, so that they wear it everywhere: in the street, at the mall, at the grocery store. These clothes are both functional and stylish and they fit into our lifestyle, inside the gym and outside of it. If you’re searching for workout clothing’s positive psychological effects, choose whatever amps up your confidence, whether it’s a structured tank top in a bright colour or a pair of fold over yoga pants that make your legs look hot. Don’t just look at the price tags when you buy active wear; it doesn’t have to be expensive, it’s better to choose quality over big brands.

More and more high tech apparel brands are emerging each year, making women feel great about their bodies and encouraging them to work out more.

If you dress like an athlete, you’ll be more inclined towards physical fitness. And clothing that bridges the divide between active wear and street wear means you’ll wear it more often—and by doing so, you might feel like going to the gym a little bit more often.

Colours That Enhance Workout Motivation

It looks like bright colours are more likely to increase your workout motivation and help you spring into action. So, if you were more into black active wear, it’s time to change your color palette to compliment your skin tone and hair colour and see if it improves your workout results. Opt for brighter clothes in shades of pink, red, purple that display high confidence. You will certainly feel more motivated and more positive in and outside the gym.

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