Aloe vera – good for the mind and body

Everyone’s heard about aloe vera’s skincare qualities. But have you ever considered eating it? There’s a reason why we use it in our protein smoothies!

Healing properties

Aloe vera is known for its healing properties. This reputation comes from aloe vera’s sugar – it is actually a healing form of sugar. Our immune system requires sugar to function. It is very effective when powered by polysaccharide sugars: the aloe sugar! In fact, these are the same sugars that are in reishi and chaga mushrooms: medicinal shrooms that have recently gained the reputation of a superfood.

Aloe also contains glutathione (1), an antioxidant which prevents damage to cells from free radicals. It also helps increase energy levels and promotes the growth of white blood cells. This means that aloe is one of the best plants to boost your immune system!

Beauty and skincare

Aloe has been used for clear skin for years. It helps reduce redness, broken skin and heals acne. It’s gel form is well known for healing sun burn which is why many after-sun formulas contain it. Aloe reduces inflammation and has a cooling effect. It’s skincare benefits are so extensive and profound that many people use it as makeup remover, makeup primer, after sun, moisturiser, face mask and even anti-dandruff treatment!

Eating aloe

Aloe vera balance blood sugar, which is essential when dieting. Avoiding sugar spikes will help you prevent sugar lows. When we have a sugar come down, we feel tired and grouchy: the immediate cure is a sugary snack. Eating aloe can regulate this so you are less inclined to rely on sugar.

It has been suggested that aloe might help with curing leaky gut syndrome. It has been found that aloe reduces markers of inflammation in the colon (2). The research is not yet watertight, so to speak, but it has been demonstrated that aloe reduces inflammation inside the body, as well as outside. If it cools and calms your skin, imagine what it could do to your insides!

Aloe vera is an effective diuretic. Because of this it has a cleansing effect by flushing out toxins through the urinary system. It also helps regulate bowel movements – another cleansing effect. This means it can cure constipation, too.

What’s the best way to consume it?

You can buy aloe vera pulp and pills, but we can’t guarantee an appetising flavour… the most convenient, delicious way to eat aloe is by having our protein smoothies. Each flavour contains aloe because we know the benefits of it! Shop below!

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