Animal protein vs vegan protein

Our delicious protein smoothies are made with vegan protein powder. But why are plant-based proteins better for us than animal proteins? Today we’re looking at the benefits of plant proteins – in and out of powder form. As it turns out, vegans might just have their protein intake sussed… but only when taking into account the combination of aminos!

Why do we need protein?

Protein is essential to us because of the amino acids it provides. These are required for a range of different processes, hormones, neurotransmitters and a lot more! One of the main reasons why fitness fanatics seem so obsessed with protein is that it builds and repairs muscle. The more you fatigue your muscles, the more protein you need. Some people have even reported that having a protein shake at certain times during the day (either before or after a workout, or before bed) helps reduce their DOMS.  Once you digest protein, your body re-uses it more times than you consume it. This means it is essential to maintain a healthy metabolism, too. Unfortunately our body cannot synthesise all essential amino acids, which is why it is crucial we get them from our diet. (1)

Amino acids

The main difference between animal and plant proteins their amino acids. These amino acids are responsible for the rate at which protein is put to use in our bodies. This is especially important when consuming protein for post-exercise benefits. Animal proteins are similar to our own proteins. This means they are synthesised and used quicker than plant proteins. Plant proteins on the other hand, have amore incomplete set of amino acids. Which ones do plant based proteins hold though? This differs from plant to plant. This is why we use a mixture of pea and hemp seed protein in our smoothies. This combination provides a full set of amino acids, allowing our bodies to absorb and use the protein more efficiently!

Meat and poultry comes with added free gifts at checkout…

… presents we don’t always need. A good ol’ steak contains a great amount of protein. It also gives us cholesterol, added hormones and antibiotics (especially if non-organic). All these added together can increase your risk of cardiovascular disease. But even lean meats, such as chicken and lean beef, have excess parasites and hormones. In other words, it’s much better for your heart to get your protein from plants rather than meat.

Plant proteins come with added bonuses…

…ones that we actually want and need this time! Meet contains little to no antioxidants, minerals and phytonutrients – let alone fibre. Plants on the other hand are full of these. Take quinoa, for example. A typical portion is 100g which includes 14g of protein and 318mg of potassium. Quinoa is also a good source of iron, Vitamin B-6 and magnesium. What does this look like versus 100g of beef? Beef has 26g of protein but less iron, B-6 and magnesium. It also comes with a side of fat (15g worth!) and 90 mg of cholesterol. That’s double the fat of quinoa and 90 more milligrams of cholesterol! Now you know why we root for plants! … (get it!?)

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