Apps to download to maximise your workout

Being active on your own can be daunting. You need motivation, inspiration, ideas and a whole lot of other stuff to be efficient! Finding an app that will give you all of these things might be that helping hand you need. Here are 6 apps for different sports, whether you’re a runner, cyclist, yogi or gym bunny to keep you on track for your fitness goals.

Nike running app

Wanting to up your running game or just starting out? The Nike running app will track your route, speed, distance, calories burned and so much more. You can even link your music with the app, too. This is great for a beginner so you can see exactly how much you’re putting in, but also for an advanced runner who is trying to work towards a certain goal. Nike provide you with different training programmes as well – training for a 10k? Select the 10k programme and you’ll be guided through their effective steps to make sure you hit your goal in time.

Strava cycling

The Strava Cycling app is a bit like the Nike running app, but with added whizzy features. Access to analytics is just a small part of what the app can do for you. Once you have finished your run, you can see a log of all your activity on a calendar. There is a desktop version too, so you can plan your sessions, analyse in greater depth and be an all-round awesome cyclist with ease! (disclaimer: not without some determination and hard work).


Fitocracy’s speciality is providing free workouts. This means you don’t have to spend hours trawling online to find a workout that’s good for you. Instead, head to this one app and you can find new exercises or routines! You can also track your progress on Fitocracy so, other than equipment and a place to work out, it could be all you need to get results!

Workout trainer

This app is one of the best around if you know what you want in terms of fitness. Want to work on your abs? You’ll find a whole range of ab workouts for different abilities and time – the same goes for other muscles, too. There are also yoga sessions, full body workouts and fitness tests available. This app will do the workout planning for you – all you have to do is download, select a workout and go!

Interval Timer

Into HIIT sessions or circuits? You need Interval Timer. It creates a whole session of the intervals you need. The days of using your phone as a timer or constantly checking the time are over. This app will make your workout smooth and seamless so you can go with the flow!

Charity Miles

This app is sensational if you have a desire to do good in the world. Their ethos is ‘Move with Purpose’, which should be the idea behind all workouts! When Charity Miles is involved, your purpose is on a whole other level. With each mile you run, the app gives money to charity. If that isn’t an incentive to get your legs moving, I don’t know what is! After your run, you’ll not only feel the endorphin rush, but you’ll be fulfilled on another level.

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