Banish lower back pain forever

Believe it or not, our lower backs are fragile. They take strain from the rest of our bodies during day to day life. The worst part, when your’ve hurt your back, there’s no getting away from the pain – it’s there every time you move. Here’s our guide on how to tweak your life to reduce lower back pain forever!


The first step to improving your lower back is to check your posture. It’s most likely out of sync with your body. You might not have noticed, but most people slightly push their chins forward, slumping their neck. This can cause your lower back to arch, putting it out of alignment.

It’s also important to remember your posture when sitting at your office desk. Try not to slump back into the back of your chair, but sit up-right with your shoulders back. This way, you’ll protect your lower back and take the strain off of it!

Strengthen your abs

You might be aware that when you lift weights, you have to keep your abs tight to protect your back. Well, it’s the same with everyday life. If your abs are kept taught, they will become the centre of your weight and not your lower back. To help this, work on your abs to strengthen them. When doing mat exercises, though, make sure you keep your back to the ground and don’t let it arch. This is counter-intuitive and you can actually injure you lower back.

Be conscious of your bed

Do you wake up in the morning with an aching back? If so, it could be because of your bed. Make sure your mattress is not too soft, but firm enough to support you. It is also worth trying out different combinations of pillows. Too many and your spine will bend up over them, too little and it will bend towards the bed. The aim is to have a straight spine (as much as is comfortable) to make sure your body weight is distributed evenly throughout.


Sometimes a lower back can be caused by tight muscles. If one part of your body is tight, chances are your back is compensating and paying for it. Incorporate a stretch session 2-4 days a week if possible to loosen up your body. It goes without saying that if your body is supple, it won’t have to endure strain.

Kick off the heels

Sorry ladies, but if you’ve got back pain, the heels have gotta go! Although they do wonders for your legs, heels actually change the way you stand. Your calfs work harder, pushing your bum back which arches your back. This is partly why heels do great things for your figure, because they emphasise your womanly features. If you really can’t let go of heels, try wearing lower ones or sticking to platforms or wedges. Stilettos are the possibly the worst kind of shoe for a back pain!


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  1. Great article. Posture is so important!!! Not only does it support our entire body, but makes us look and feel good.

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