The Beauty Edit: Nutrition Guide to Healthy Hair

Luscious locks are hard to come by naturally. But it can be done! Feed yourself with these foods which promote healthy, fast-growing hair.

Feta cheese

Feta is full of Vitamin B-12. This prevents hair loss and promotes hair growth. Crumble some feta over your salad as a first step towards gorgeous locks! B12 also works to produce red blood cells and keep the nervous system and organs healthy. You’ll be healthy inside and out!

Greek yoghurt

B5 is the reason Greek Yoghurt is fabulous for your hair. It can reverse hair loss and strengthens those strands for thicker hair! (1) Greek yoghurt also contains pro-biotics and is good for your skin, too!


Folic acid is the key to healthy hair. It looks after the stem cells which grow hair and also promotes a healthy scalp! The oils in salmon also help to keep hair hydrated and shiny!


Eggs can lead to great locks because of the biotin they contain. Although literature is limited, biotin has been known to reverse hair loss and strengthen hair. The protein in eggs is also needed to grow hair cells works to lengthen hair.

Sweet potato

Sweet potato, or most orange veg, are high in beta-carotene. Beta-Carotene is the red pigment found in these foods, hence the name ‘carotene’ which is Latin for ‘carrot’. It is particularly good for your scalp, providing it with the nutrients to facilitate hair growth. (2)

Almond butter

Although the literature on the subject is minimal, Vitamin E is said to be great for hair growth. Almond butter is packed with Vitamin E, which is why it’s worth adding into your diet. Apart from hair growth, it also has health benefits which derive from its antioxidant activity. So while it might be great for your hair, it also works to detoxify your temple!


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