Benefits of festive season walks

If any day of the year is set aside for a full belly, it’s Christmas. But after a Christmas feast, the best way to spend your days after festive feasting is a long walk. Gentle exercise after a big meals has so many benefits.

Helps to digest food

To rid yourself of that Christmas dinner heaviness, go for a walk. A gentle form of exercise like this helps your body break down the food in your stomach. A study published in March 2008, found that walking speeds up your rate of digestion. The movement kicks your midsection into action, stimulating the process of digestion itself. A brisk walk of around 15 mins can help your body digest after a meal, but nothing beats a long, crisp winter walk!

Speeds up metabolism

Any kind of exercise helps increase your metabolism, and walking is no different. This gentle exercise after walking helps burn the calories you’ve eaten and kickstarts your metabolism into working at an increased weight. Let’s face it, we need all the help we can get after a Christmas dinner!

Increases energy levels

Food coma = when you’ve eaten so much you become so sleepy. This is because your body needs all the energy it can get to digest your food. If you go for a long wintery walk, you’re helping your body digest food while getting some fresh air so you’ll feel energised rather than sluggish.

Lowers blood sugar

This is essential after a full day of Chrissy eating! All that food increases your blood sugar levels leading to an energy spike, then a low. Going for a walk after a big meal can immediately lower your blood sugar because it uses up glucose. This means consistent energy levels and another way to avoid the Christmas afternoon slump.

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