berry smoothie bowl

Smoothie bowl – going coconuts for berries

This Berry Smoothie Bowl is an amazing way to start the day. If you want to have a healthy breakfast or snack that is rich in fibre, lean protein, antioxidants and pure deliciousness this bowl is your answer!

With the release of our new Zaggora Superfood Shots range we are looking for nice and easy ways to incorporate more fruits and vegetables in our diet. Adding our Superfood Shots to this berry smoothie bowl, will not only get more red fruits and veggies in your diet but also provide most of your recommended intakes of vitamins B6, B5, B12 and C, as our superfood shots are vitamin enriched.

Some of the key ingredients we have picked:

Greek or coconut yoghurt: the higher content of fat in greek or coconut yoghurts helps to keep us fuller for longer. Greek yoghurt in addition contains wonderful bacterial that helps with digestion.

Oats: oats are a healthy and simple way to start the day or snack. Naturally gluten free they provide complex carbs into your diet which break down slowly and provide a healthy and ongoing energy release to maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

Fresh berries: deeply red berries are high in a specific antioxidant called Lycopene, converted into vitamin A in the body. Vitamin A, alongside vitamin C (which is added to our superfood shots Red) and Vitamin E, helps to protect the body from radical damage. Some berries which are purple in colour contain another antioxidant group called Anthrocyanins which are thought to reduce inflammation.

Bananas: bananas are rich in potassium which has been linked to reducing blood sugar. Bananas are also a good source of fibre which helps to keep our digestion healthy.

Desiccated coconut: apart from being lovely and crunchy, dessicated coconut contains about 10% fibre so it’s a good way to increase fibre intake.

Honey: we just like it. Life’s better with a bit of sweetness.

If you like this smoothie bowl, try our Green Smoothie Bowl with avo and lime. It’s amazing.

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