best underwear for working out

Best Underwear for Working Out

We often read about active wear, the clothes we should wear when we work out. Most articles on this topic refer to tops and pants, but for maximum comfort and effectiveness, what you wear underneath is equally important. Choosing the perfect underwear when you go to the gym or when you do any kind of exercise can be a difficult thing to do. Wearing the wrong pair of undies and the wrong bra can ruin your exercises, making you uncomfortable.

We’ve gathered some information about best underwear for working out, and you might want to take a look:

The Perfect underwear makes you feel really comfortable

Needless to say that you can’t work out with the wrong pair of undies and wrong bra. The first thing you need to check when it comes to underwear is how comfortable you feel exercising in it. Wearing sheer, lace, silk, or even cotton will keep all the sweating in the areas you wouldn’t like to have it. As these are non-breathable materials, when you exercise, they don’t absorb the excess water and will just make you very uncomfortable. Even more, they increase the risk for yeast infections and pH imbalance. Luckily, not all underwear are silky.

You might consider investing in special underwear, made of materials that absorb sweating and let the skin dry and hydrated. Even though they are a bit expensive, they are promised to keep a cool skin during the effort, maintaining normal body temperature.

Sweat controlling and stretch underwear for excellent results

As you need a good top that keeps your chest safe and stretch pants that allow you to move freely, you also need good underwear for comfortable exercises. Underwear that grips tightly in place and allows free movement is the best choice for you exercise routine. Special bras and panties are stretchy and they allow all kinds of movements. They also lie flat to fight rolling, binding, and chafing which can be really painful sometimes and it definitely disturbs you during the workout routine. As for the sweating, you will no longer have to worry about the wet feeling. The underwear is made out of special moisture-wicking fabrics that keeps air flowing so your skin would stay feel cool and dry .

You will exercise with much more confidence when you’ll feel this comfortable.

Antimicrobial workout underwear

Another important aspect when it comes to special underwear is that it is antimicrobial. It’s very easy to get vaginal infections when you exercise with improperly underwear. Choose panties that won’t irritate your skin and that keep you odor-free. Breathable and moisture wicking fabrics will prevent bacteria. When you exercise and sweat, the moisture tends to stay “down there” and this can lead to serious infections. It is also very important that you don’t hang out in the pair you worked out for a long time.

Knowing the risks and benefits of wearing certain underwear when working out will help you decide the type of underwear  you should invest in.

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