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How Can I Make My Healthy Eating Plan and Recipes More Helpful?

A healthy eating plan is a great place to kick start a more wholesome approach to nutrition and overall lifestyle redo.  There are many ways you can improve your life and well being by making small, yet meaningful adjustments to your way of eating.

People however make a few minor errors on their way and end up giving up all together. If you are having a hard time following a healthy eating plan you might be making one of these mistakes:

  •  too ambitious too fast– many people want to overturn their lifestyle overnight. Not everybody manages to quit cold turkey however. You can’t go from binging on pizza and beer to wholesome food overnight. You will most likely be too strict, give into cravings, fall off the wagon and get discouraged.

What to do instead

: when adopting a healthy eating plan take small steps so your body has time to adjust. Cut out processed food and sugar first. Remove soda and other sweet drinks from your diet and just keep going from there. And also, remember that one slip-up doesn’t mean you should get discouraged and give up.

  •  focusing solely on weight loss– not seeing results can be discouraging, but you need to keep in mind that weight loss should not your only goal. A healthy eating plan will fuel your body towards better health and a better mood. Just because you are not slimming down at the rate you were hoping for doesn’t mean you should go back to eating donuts.

What to do instead

: instead of weighing yourself constantly, focus on getting all your nutrients. Eat healthy nutritious food like vegetables, fruits, nuts, good fats and lean meat. Rejoice in your new found energy and improved health.

  •   undereating or overeating–  this is a mistake that is way too common when it comes to eating,

Just because you are following a good eating plan doesn’t mean you don’t have to pay a bit of attention to portion sizes. Make sure you are getting enough calories, especially if you are active.

What to do instead

: while there is no need to count calories and obsess over food quantity, make sure you are eating your 5 servings of fruit and non-starchy vegetables per day. Don’t over do it with the good fats or your carbs either.

  •  lack of consistency– restarting every time you fall of the wagon is confusing to your body and will not produce lasting results.

What to do instead

:  If you want to eat a balanced diet and still occasionally indulge, go for the 80-20 rule. Eat clean 80% of the time and leave yourself 20% room for treats.

  •  complicated recipes– we live in a busy world. If you need to spend more time in the kitchen than at work in order to keep up with your healthy eating, then you will have trouble keeping up.

What to do instead: go for delicious recipes that are fast to make. There are plenty of food fitness blogs you can source for good and easy recipes.  To be even more efficient,  whip up bigger batches and pack for next day to ensure you have a healthy lunch on hand.

Eating a healthy diet can be complicated when you are first starting out. If you are already adjust to a balanced way of eating, make sure to keep it consistent and to get all your nutrients.

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