chocolate orange protein smoothie

A Chocolate Orange Protein Smoothie a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Every Time the cold seasons rolls around it seems everybody is under the weather. Our bodies sometimes seem to have a hard time adapting to the change in temperature and our immunity systems just can’t seem to cope.

Here at Zaggora, we decided it was time to help you ditch the sniffles s for good with the help of a delicious orange protein smoothie. Not only will it keep the doctor away, but it will also help keep the pesky winter inches off.  You can drink it for breakfast or as a post-workout recovery snack. It is packed with vitamins and much needed immunity boosters.

What you will need for your orange smoothie:

  •         1 orange- oranges have a lot of vitamin C which is fuel for your immunity system. It also gives a great taste to this smoothie recipe.
  •         1 avocado- avocado is like butter, only better. It will add a smooth texture to your smoothie, a dose of good fats. Your drink will be more filling and keep cravings away.
  •         2 scoops of unsweetened cocoa powder- here comes to chocolate part of our smoothie. But the cocoa powder is not here just for the taste. It has a lot of iron which is great for your immunity. It combats anemia is a much needed support during those delicate days of the month.
  •         1 glass of water- good hydration is everything and you can adjust the consistency of your smoothie.
  •         1 scoop of protein powder- protein will turn this smoothie into a meal. It is filling and nutritious. Be sure to use an organic source. If you do not consume meat, you can use a vegan source of protein powder.
  •         1 tablespoon of honey- if the orange is not sweet enough for you, a dab of honey will do the trick. It is also a great anti-flu ingredient as it supports your digestive system and immunity.

You can make this powerhouse smoothie into a dessert or office snack on the go. By adding chia seeds or flax seed meal you can give it the consistency of a pudding. Just pop it in the fridge overnight and you have a yummy, nutritious option for your next day.

If you are trying to lose weight, this chocolate orange protein smoothie is a great meal replacement as it is a balanced option that covers all your nutritional needs.

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