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How To Choose Flattering Workout Clothes for Your Body Type

While it’s true that active wear is supposed to be comfortable and functional, on the other hand, we also all want to look feminine and stylish when working out. Nobody wants to draw negative attention by wearing dull, unattractive outfits at the gym.

Comfortable, Stylish Sportswear

Comfortable doesn’t mean sloppy and functional doesn’t mean boring, so, let’s discover what are the best sportswear items appropriate for each body type:

  • Women with pear shaped bodies should wear bright coloured tops and dark coloured pants to draw the attention away from the thighs.  Flared pants are recommended to lengthen body shape and balance proportions.
  • Women with rectangle shaped bodies should opt for active wear that creates the illusion of curves: tops with side ruching, leggings with a hint of color at the hips, sport bras with padding. If you belong to this category, anything you do, don’t wear the same colour from head to toe.
  • Girls with apple shaped bodies should opt for fitted Capri pants instead of flared yoga pants which may add unwanted proportions. In case you have an apple shaped body, go for loose tops that will conceal your tummy and define your middle.
  • Women with an hourglass figure should draw attention to their beautiful silhouette by wearing V neck tops and sport shorts.

What To Look For When Shopping For Sportswear

No matter the shape of your silhouette, always make sure you pick up good quality hot pants and tops that help you sweat more and get in shape faster. There are variety of sports workout apparel available on the market, but finding the quality product is very difficult. Before going shopping for active wear, read online reviews and ask for advice from your trainer.

Whether you prefer elasticized biking-style shorts, or the comfortable yoga pants, when selecting sport garments your foremost priority is to find light, comfortable fabrics that allow you to move freely. Stay away from cotton clothing, poor quality sports bras, baggy clothes, big accessories, clothes that are too tight, as well as heavy perfumes and lotions.

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