The easiest way to avoid overeating

Overeating is easy to do. The trouble is, it’s not so great for our figures (unless you’re training hard and are trying to build muscle!). Here’s our guide on how to prevent overeating while still feeling satisfied!

Eat that makes you feel good

Focus on foods that favour your palette, as well as being nutritional. There’s no point relying on food that you don’t enjoy, it won’t satisfy and you’ll still give in to that yummy food later. I don’t mean live off chocolate and cake, but find a compromise between healthy and delicious food. Make sure you’re well-nourished and satisfied – then you’ll find it hard to overeat in the first place!

The ‘first bite’ check

When your mouth is drooling, staring at the bowl in front of you, that first bite is sumptuous. There’s nothing like it. But now you know what it tastes like, the mystery has been solved. Do you really want to carry on? Or are you just eating it because it is sitting there waiting to be eaten? Disclaimer: food doesn’t have a brain, so don’t feel bad if you don’t want to continue eating it. To avoid waste, cook up the food we spoke about earlier, so you know you won’t throw it away after the first bite. Another way to cut the wastage: give it to a hoover husband – they tend to like leftovers!

Stop eating when you’re 90% full

This is an old Japanese tactic. The Japanese population is one of the healthiest, with a low risk of heart disease and obesity. Why is this? Well, traditional Japanese food is very healthy. But they also only tend to eat until they are 90% full. This means stopping eating when you are content, not stuffed full to the brim. You’ll probably find that 10 minutes later you feel full because your brain has taken time to process what’s in your stomach.

Take a lunch break

Take time for your food. Don’t multitask when eating lunch – no matter how busy you are at work. Being distracted while eating will distract you from the first bite rule and the 90% full rule! Taking the time to enjoy your food will also deter from comfort eating later: a calm mind = less reason to binge.

Eat slowly

Eat quickly and you’ll stuff yourself with food before your body has enough time to tell you it’s had enough. If you eat slowly, you can listen out for that sense of satisfaction rather than complete fullness.

Have a glass of water when your stomach rumbles

Having a glass of water when you start to feel hungry could be the best thing you ever did for your figure. A lot of the time our stomach rumbles when we’re dehydrated and we confuse the thirst sensation with the hunger! This means we’re consuming calories that our body isn’t asking for. Instead, it’s asking for water which speeds up your metabolism. If you still feel hungry after some water, feed your stomach!!

Do more exercise

Some of us just love food – I know that I do! And that’s OK! But to make sure you’re not overeating, amp up the exercise. The more exercise you do, the more energy you need to eat. The perks of this lifestyle? You get toned, strong and fit at the same time!

Take nutritional supplements

Did you know that we often crave foods that contain nutrients that our bodies are lacking in? By having nutritional supplements, you can be sure to get the nutrients you need without having to eat a whole array of different food. Make sure this is just a supplement, though, and not a substitute – add them to a well-balanced diet.

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