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How to eat more … and lose weight

You’re at your work desk, and you look at the time, it’s 10 am…and you’re starving!

You start to feel the hunger pains creeping in, and you just hope your stomach isn’t going to let out a big empty hunger belch for your colleague sitting at the desk next to you to hear! Awkward! Lunch is hours away, you think you can hold out for it, tossing back and forth the idea of grabbing a snack, only to dismiss that thought quickly.

And here lies the problem. Snacking is good! It helps manage hunger pains, and helps us avoid binge eating at meal times.

Eat more and lose weight

Snacking to lose weight sounds like a crazy idea! But hear me out as it may be just the thing for you.

The trick is to eat snacks that have a low calorie count, yet still fill us up. Plenty of fiber, water, nutrients, little fat, and few calories. Snacks that fill us up for very little calories. Being prepared by planning snacks ahead of time, can not only help us make healthy choices, but it also saves time. It is possible to eat more and lose weight

A few low calorie snack options


Popcorn contains a good source of nutrients, such as magnesium and potassium. For just two cups of air-popped popcorn it only contains 62 calories. This is a great snack as it offers bulk for so few calories.

Small banana

In my opinion there is nothing better than eating a banana when you’re hungry. It somehow makes me feel like I’ve eaten a whole meal, and sits well in my belly. It’s full of potassium, and is only 90 calories for a small banana.


Some fruit can be high on calories due to their sugar content, but they offer a fantastic snack full of nutrients. Having fruit for a snack is also the best time in the day to eat it, as mixing fruits with meals can cause stomach pains for some. Fruit is always best eaten alone as it digests so fast.


Any vegetable especially carrots are great options for a healthy snack. They contain a high water content with plenty of fiber, and very little calories.


Hummus and carrots are one of my kids favourite snacks. I put it in their lunch boxes all the time. So tasty and nutrient rich. A match made in heaven!


Nuts sometimes get a bad rep. They can be high calorie, but when eaten in just a handful provide a satisfying snack. A handful of about thirteen almonds provide a snack under 100-calories.

Making it work

Just because we know that snacking is good for weight loss, it doesn’t give us the free for all to start binge snacking, nibbling, or reaching for a treat before bed. This also doesn’t mean that we can live off of snacks alone, choosing to skip meals.

We have to make it work for us, which requires planning and preparation ahead of time. We have to be disciplined enough with ourselves and make the effort to make the right choices.

And we can make the right choices by doing the following:

  • Having plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables in the kitchen.
  • Preparing our snacks the night before so that it’s ready to grab and go the following day.
  • By keeping our freezer stocked with frozen fruit to make smoothie making easier.
  • NEVER having conventional snacks in the pantry such as chocolate bars, chips or candy.

If we stick to these basic rules, we’ll do ourselves (and our colleagues:-)) a favour by avoiding unnecessary hunger pains which only result in binge eating meals and weight gain.

We’ll have a good supply of energy to keep us moving during the day, which will encourage weight loss.

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