How to eat your way through a hangover – the healthy way

Want to battle a hangover the healthy way? While we all crave donuts and chocolate after a night out, it’s your healthy choices that help you you the most. They’ll replace all the goodness that alcohol diminishes in your body as well as filling your belly. Here are 5 of the most useful foods to have when feeling hungover – thank us when your headache disappears and your stomach settles!

Lemon and ginger tea

First thing’s first when you wake up after the night before – a hot brew. But not any old brew, hot lemon and ginger. Either fresh with hot water or tea bags will do the trick. The ginger will help settle your stomach and has anti-inflammatory properties to help with those aching muscles from all that dancing you did! The lemon will soothe your soul if nothing else – the Vitamin C will help you feel refreshed, and that’s the aim isn’t it?


Next, breakfast. Avo has so many benefits that will counteract symptoms of a hangover, like dizziness and weakness. It is full of healthy fats to give you energy and fill you up – we all want to eat the contents of our entire kitchen on a hangover. It also contains Vitamin B-6 which helps your body absorb more energy from the food you eat so you can feel energised despite the late night. When you drink alcohol, your potassium levels are compromised. It’s important to replace these electrolytes to ensure you rehydrate properly. This will help your heavy head and nausea! Either eat half an avocado with a drizzle of olive oil and salt on its own, with toast in a smash and your favourite style of eggs.

Coconut water

You should be drinking fluids all day when hungover because alcohol is so dehydrating – tell us something we don’t know, right? OK then! Well sometimes water just doesn’t hack it when you’re super dehydrated – coconut water does. A glass (or a carton if you’re really thirsty) could get you feeling back to normal in no time. It is full of electrolytes and also is easier to stomach than plain water.


You know those cramps, irregular heartbeats and cramps? Well they are signs of a deficiency in magnesium that is common after drinking alcohol. Alcohol increases the rate at which your body excretes magnesium through urine. Ever needed to pee loads when having a few drinks? This is one of the reasons why. Magnesium is crucial for so many functions, such as nerve function, muscle regulation, blood pressure and even synthesising protein, so it’s no wonder you feel off colour after a night of drinking! Well, beans are full of magnesium and just one cup of them can give you a quarter of your daily  intake of magnesium. Want a cheeky tip? When you crave that hangover burger, have a bean burger instead.

Sweet potatoes

What do you pair your beans with, though? (Other than veg, of course, which is just a given). Sweet potatoes. After excessive drinking, you blood sugar levels are all over the place. You’ve gone from normal levels, to intense sugar intake, to hours of no sugar while you sleep. This means it’s important to eat healthy complex carbohydrate, like sweet potato. Although this root vegetable has a fair amount of sugar in it, it’s healthy sugar which gradually breaks down in your body, balancing your blood sugar levels. Rather than having your hangover fries, have sweet potato fries!

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