Why eating leafy salads is not the answer to your weight-loss prayers

Sure, having leafy lettuce, spinach and kale is great in a salad, but don’t just stick to the leaves – they can’t help you on their own! Here’s why you should extend your palette past salads when dieting and what kind of foods you should be eating.

Slow metabolism

When we fill our stomach with just veg, there aren’t enough calories to keep our fat on. This means that for the first few weeks you’ll be sure to lose weight. But there is a downside: not eating enough calories puts our bodies into starvation mode. And what do our bodies do when they freak out that we’ve run out of food? Do everything they can to cling onto their fat stores… not so good when dieting. While you have to reduce your calorie intake, you shouldn’t suddenly stop eating everything but veg. Cut out bad food and stay healthy to shed your first few pounds, then start reducing your intake gradually and carefully to stop your body going into starvation overdrive.

Muscle loss

When we stop getting enough protein, our body uses up muscles as well as fat. So while you are losing ‘weight’, you are losing muscle. This makes it harder to achieve the toned look that most of us are after. Add some protein powder, lean meat or beans to your salad to ensure you have enough protein to uphold your muscle – you should also do strength training to get a toned body and protect against losing muscle.


Lettuce just isn’t enough. We need nutrients such as iron, protein, magnesium and much much more. You can’t get all of this from leaves. Instead, you need a whole range of fruit, veg, protein, beans and good fats. What’s the point of dating if we aren’t letting ourselves glow and look healthy? Being malnutrition can lead to pale skin, dark circles and spots. Even if you are limiting portions, make sure you get a wide range of nutrients.

Lack of energy

Living off veg, you won’t have sufficient food for energy. You’ll be tired, crabby and lack motivation to do anything! You need protein, fats and carbs to fuel you for the day. Just because they have more calories in them, doesn’t mean they will stop you from losing fat. In fact, by having a healthy gut, your digestive system will be improved and your metabolism will speed up. A healthy gut should always be your main priority – your immune system will be strong and you’ll give your body what it needs to be at its healthiest weight.

Your diet won’t last

With lack if energy, boring lettuce and a rumbling stomach, your diet will not last. In fact, only sticking to salad is why most diets fail. You might be able to stick to it for a week, or even 2 or 3, but eventually you’ll become so exhausted that you’ll binge and eat everything you can find in the kitchen. This is not only unhealthy, but will also lead to you putting all the weight you lost back on – this time, in fat. To maintain a healthy lifestyle, have a balanced, healthy diet including a wide range of foods. Keep it interesting and spice up your meals so you don’t get bored. What’s the point of losing weight if it’s not going to stay off, anyway?

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