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How Is My Eating Plan Helping Me Lose Weight Fast

A healthy eating plan is a great way to kick start your weight loss journey or to stay in top shape. There are plenty of other neat health benefits that come with it as well:

  • your digestion will improve – A sound healthy eating guide will have at it’s heart a hefty quantity of good quality vegetables and greens. These are packed with fiber and are a great aid in a slow digestion. They will work to debloat you and leave you with the flat stomach you have always dreamed of. A good digestion is also the hallmark of weight loss. As waste is moved out of your system, the inches join it on the way out.
  • your skin will clear up– acne, dilated pores, greasy skin can all be caused by a poor diet. Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables while cutting back on sugar and processed foods will clear up your skin in a matter of weeks
  • your immunity will improve– getting plenty high quality natural food into your system will boost your immunity. Do not be surprised if you do not catch the next seasonal cold.

Healthy Eating Will Help Me Lose Weight Faster

So how exactly will a healthy eating plan help you shed those extra inches fast? First of all, you will shed all that water weight. Water weight is really pesky. It can only be shed with healthy diet as it is immune to working out.  When you ditch it, inches will fly right off. As a bonus, no more swollen fee either. Cutting back on processed carbs and sugar will give your body a much needed reset.

Second, your metabolism will stabilize. One issue that pops of in weight loss is that your metabolism slows down when you cut calories. This is only a temporary phase and you body will find a balance once you are on a consistent healthy eating plan.

Third, you body will start burning fat instead of glycogen. When eating a highly processed diet with refined carbs and sugar, your body converts all of it to glycogen. Glycogen is the body’s preferred energy source. However, when there is too much of it, the body can’t burn all of it so it stores it as fat. When you cut back on the main sources of glycogen, your body will switch to burning fat. This is called ketosis. You will end up slimming down quite fast and as long as your steer clear of sugar and processed carbs, the results are here to stay.

No More Cravings

Forth, your cravings will subside. You should notice a difference after the first 2 weeks. The need to sweet treats or fatty munchies will slowly disappear. Since you will no longer be tempted by them, it is less likely you will break your diet. Last but not least, your healthy eating plan will help you lose weight by helping you work out. Your new energy boost will be very well spent on a fitness routine. Also, your body will recover faster from effort.

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