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Energy Boost Juices That Will Make You Look and Feel Good

One of the real challenges these days is to have a balanced diet, in order to be a healthier happier person. More and more people are struggling with  issues like obesity, stress, extreme fatigue, digestive problems, low energy, sleep difficulties, or even depression. It is proven that the most common cause for all these things is a lifestyle based on poor diet (fast food, sweets) and less sport activities.

Super foods are nutrient-rich foods especially beneficial for health and well-being. Not only do they give you the energy you need for the entire day, but they also help you lose weight by increasing your metabolism rate. Here are some Superfood juice shot recipes that help you lose weight and regain your beauty and energy:

Pumpkin carrot juice

This juice was first used in Chinese medicine, as a cure for cancer, and nowadays it is very popular for its detox properties. It is also considered an efficient energy booster. Carrots are known to be rich in vitamins, minerals and enzymes your body needs. They also have appetite reducing properties. Pumpkin contains vitamin K, A, C, B and B6, which gives you the energy to work out better and longer than you used to. For great results, blend 8 carrots, one small pumpkin and the juice of a small lemon and drink it in the morning and in the afternoon, not later than 4 or 5 pm.

Lemon Ginger juice – top juice shots for weight loss

Lemon is a common ingredient in every diet. According to scientists, lemon is perfect for losing weight because of the high amount of vitamin C, which helps burning fat, especially when you exercise. Lemons stimulate digestive enzymes with their acidity, and a proper digestive system eliminates toxins.

Ginger is best known for its health properties and for its spicy taste. It activates metabolism and it is really good for your skin and hair, providing all the vitamins and minerals your cells need to regenerate. The best way to drink lemon & ginger juice is on empty stomach, once a day. It is very important that you use fresh ginger root and not powder because it is more efficient. Blend 2 lemons, half glass of water and grate a small piece of ginger.

 Cucumber & tomatoes juice

This juice is just perfect for losing weight and increasing elasticity and luminosity of your skin. Cucumbers reduce appetite and help cells to regenerate; tomatoes are low-calorie vegetables that add fiber, vitamin A and vitamin C to your daily diet.

So, this is basically a vitamin juice shot that helps you lose weight and fight again skin problems and hair-loss. You can blend a medium cucumber and 4-5 fresh tomatoes and portion the juice so that you can drink 3 times a day. What other juice recipes have you tried?

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