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How Does Fashion Affect Fitness?

Fashion and fitness are closely related. The fitness trend as we know it took off around the 70s.  Around that time women were flocking to new gyms, taking aerobic classes and buying workout tapes. The new fitness movement was directed mostly at women, so it was only normal that fashion followed closely.

How Fashion Impacted Fitness

It is safe to say that fashion impacts fitness and fitness impacts fashion. You have probably heard that a new fitness regime is the new fashionable weight loss solution. When a form of  working out starts being popular with a large number of people, it suddenly becomes trendy or fashionable to go try it. Although this method of making working out popular has its merits, it also has its downside. Many decide to try a this new fashionable fitness trend even though it might not be suited for them. As a result people end up doing a routine that is trendy instead of doing something that would benefit them more.

We can extend this to the example of fashion models too. Many sign up to follow a similar routine as a model they appreciate, but end up coming short.

How Fitness Impacts Fashion

Fitness also has its own impact on fashion. Today, almost every type of workout has it’s own type of clothing. There are yoga pants and tops for the yoga lover, special shoes and jackets for the determined runner, soft Lycra tights for the ballet enthusiast. Whatever form of working out you love, fashion has got you covered. There are entire fashion brands dedicated solely to the fitness industry.

A while back, the workout clothes of choice were sweats. They were designed for fitness, yet people ended wearing them around the house or as pajamas. Today, you will rarely see somebody working out in sweats at your local gym.

Fashion has taught us that you can workout to exhaustion and still be cute and fashionable while doing it. In the end, i can’t say this is a bad thing. There is nothing wrong to want to look good in every situation of your life, including the more messy ones. One great benefit is that the constant symbiosis between fashion and fitness has lead to the development of new fabrics specifically designed for active-wear. Stronger, softer, more flexible, resistant to water or cold. The new fabrics developed are not only amazing for your workout clothes, but also have other purposes.

The fashion industry has aimed and succeeded at making workout glamorous and also easier. The right clothes will not only make you look good but will also enhance your performance.

Fashion Fitness clothes are a top seller and have made many brands a lot of money. As fitness evolves, so will fashion in order to cover the new needs of a raising and lucrative market.

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