How to get out of bed for your morning workout

6am – warm under your duvet, another hour until you have to start getting ready for the day ahead – yawn. But no! You should get up for your workout. This proves to be a difficult feat. Check out these ideas on how to get yourself psyched for that morning workout – soon you’ll be jumping out of bed at 6am!


Find a fitness buddy who is also a 6am-er. Ask them to text/call/tweet you in the morning to check you’re up. If someone else is doing their workout early, why shouldn’t you?


This one is a classic. Turn u the volume of your alarm and put it at the other side of the room from your bed. Getting up to turn it off will wake you up and get your mind straight for that 6am workout.

If not now, later

Let’s face it, if you have the desire to set your alarm for a 6am workout to begin with, you’re serious about exercise. And if you don’t get it done in the morning before work or the kids get up, you’ll have to do it in the evening. Who wants to sacrifice their post-work chill out for exercise? Not me!


Rolling into work, you’ll feel so much better for having done a workout. Not only will you be awake and raring to go, your colleagues probably won’t have done the same. So give yourself a pat on the back! It’s not a bad thing to feel smug that you’re on track, so revel in it and use it as an excuse to get out of bed.

Baby steps

If you’re used to getting up at 7am, you’ll probably be tired if you suddenly start getting up at 6. Take baby steps by setting your alarm 10 minutes earlier every 1 to 2 days. For your first 10 minutes, start off with a quick HIIT workout or some yoga. As you gradually wake up earlier, you’ll be able to fit more in – another reason to get out of bed: progression! You probably won’t even notice that it’s 6:50 rather than 7am!

Cue coffee

If you have a coffee machine, set it to make a brew 10 minutes before your alarm is set. Your nostrils will wake up to the lure of a hot cuppa and the smell of coffee will excite your brain. Not only that, but you’ll have your coffee ready and waiting so that as soon as you’re up you can have your caffeine hit – great before a workout.

Organise the night before

Spending 15 minutes before you go to bed getting together everything you need for the next morning will make it easier to get out of bed. If you have nothing to do other than workout, shower and get dressed, climbing out from under your duvet won’t be so daunting.

Go to bed on time

Make sure you get in your 8 hours. Go to bed late? You’ll naturally wake up later, meaning you’ll hate your alarm even more when it goes off at 6am. Feeling rested is key in being able to get up for a workout.

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