Habits to maintain a healthy mind this autumn

A healthy mind is what we’re all after. Feeling happy, content and having a positive outlook on life is goals. But it’s thought to be harder than it looks, especially as the air starts to get colder. With these 8 steps to a healthier mind, you’ll be on your way to your happier self in no time!

Exercise often

Did you know that cardio exercise produces endorphins which make us happy? That buzz after a workout is down to endorphins and improves our mood for the most part of the day. Any form of exercise will help improve sleep and energy levels – both of which amount to a healthy mind. With some trial and error, figure out which time of day will aid your sleep. This will have benefits for your mind, too!

Socialize regularly

Socialisation keeps the mind switched on. Human interaction is engaging and creative so can really help keep your mind excited, happy, and give you that warm fuzzy feeling! Make sure you spend some time away from your smart phone and social media to get some real life interaction. Technology stimulates the mind for sure, but not in a natural way that will increase endorphins and lead to a healthy mind.

Have a healthy diet

Having a healthy balanced diet is the best way to keep a healthy mind through food. Wholesome and fresh food keeps the brain happy because it gets the nutrients it needs. Processed and refined foods, however, are often addictive and full of additives that can affect your serotonin levels. It is also more common to have reactions to processed food which can have long-term effects on your mood if unrealised. Try adding healthy Omega-3 fatty acids to your diet from oily fish, flax seeds and nuts to promote brain function!


While social interaction and healthy food excites the mind, mediation calms it. It’s all about balance, isn’t it? Practising meditation helps us deal with everyday situations that are stressful. The more you handle challenges in a well-thought out and calm fashion, the more you’ll be content with the outcome. Having some time to you and your thoughts each day can make a huge difference to how you connect with your body, too.

Have enough sleep

Depriving your body of sleep could be the worst thing for your mind. If you’re tired you’re grumpy, stressed and unproductive. Not just on the exterior, but in your brain, too! It’s all about the quality of sleep. If you allow yourself those 8 hours, you’ll enter REM sleep. During this time your body regulates its metabolism, repairs muscles and resets many stress hormones. The trick is to be relaxed during the day (through meditation, exercise and healthy eating obviously), so that your body can peacefully set into a restful sleep.


By moving every hour, even if it’s just figeting or walking around the office for 10-15 mins, you’ll get more oxygen to your brain to wake it up. Take any excuse to get moving – making a cuppa, dropping off some paperwork or even use it as an excuse to hangout at the water cooler!  Staying alert during the waking hours helps your mind stay happy.

Stay hydrated

Being hydrated is super bad for our bodies. And the worst thing? We only feel thirsty when we’re already 2% dehydrated. Lacking in water can lead to a lack of focus, feeling tired and our short-term memory is also compromised. Having enough water in your system seriously effects your mind!

Stay happy

Being positive is a number 1 tip for a healthy mind. Approaching life with a positive outlook helps to see things in a good light. This means that you’ll see more goodness than bad – if that’s not food for thought (and your mind…) then what is?

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