Handy hacks to get your fitness back on track!

If you’ve hit a slump in your exercise journey, do not fear – it happens to all of us! The important thing is to make sure you get back on track to achieve your fitness goals! We’ve put together some handy hacks to re-inspire you:

Find your inspiration again

What is it that you really want? A healthy weight? A bikini body? A strong, lean figure? Well, there are people out there achieving the same goals that you have deep down. Seek them out! With social media and technology, it’s easy to find inspiration in someone you don’t even know or a place you’re about to visit on holiday. Make sure this inspiration is realistic and that they live the healthy life you want to lead. Also look to your friends and family who are working hard on their fitness goals – they might have some useful advice as well as some inspiring stories to tell you.

Slip it into your schedule

If you’re a busy woman and it’s in your schedule, you’ll get it done. Slide a workout or gym class in between picking the kids up from school or coming home after work and you won’t even realise the lifestyle change – except how accomplished you feel when you stick to you health plan!

Do what worked for you before

So you’ve slipped out of your health routine and substitute the couch for the gym. What got you away from the TV before? Think about what inspired you to start working out in the first instance. It’s normal to be unmotivated to do exercise, especially if you’ve hit a plateau in your weight loss program, or despite your healthy eating your breakouts have resurfaced. But think of what triggered that thought of becoming fit and healthy before – it will probably kickstart your fitness journey!

Find something new

While it’s good to look back on previous inspiration to propel yourself forward, investing in something new could reset you back on track. This could be a new pair of Hot Pants™, a pair of headphones, a new personality to follow – whatever it is, get the spring back in your fitness step by refreshing yourself with a new start.

Distinguish your goals all over again

Be honest with yourself. How many pounds, stone or kilos do you want to lose? Having this clear in your head will make it obvious what you need to do to achieve these goals. If you’re unsure of what you’re aiming for, there won’t be a definitive reason why you should be going to the gym. And if you do make it to the gym without these goals in your mind, you’ll probably float around for 45 minutes not pushing yourself.

Start small (workouts)

There’s nothing worse than getting your mojo back, doing a long, hard session in the gym and then being utterly exhausted. That’s no fun. You want to feel good after a workout – it’s a reason to go back the next day! Start small and work your way back into your exercise program. Starting big could scare you away and make being active seem like a bigger effort than it has to be.

Stay away from alcohol

A glass of wine here and there probably won’t push you off balance. But a glass of wine before bed probably won’t make you feel energised the next morning. If you’re tired, working out is less appealing. Try cutting out 80% of your alcohol intake, and drink only on special occasions. It might be that every Saturday night for the next month you have a dinner party or any other social gathering. Why not have Sunday as your rest day so you can indulge in your sleepiness, but know that by Monday morning you’ll be feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready to hit the gym hard!

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