How to make Healthy Cookies … with Harry Potter

Here’s how to make Healthy Cookies.

Harry Potter was hiding. Crouched underneath the Dursley’s kitchen table, he watched his cousin Dudley’s thick legs stomp by and Harry couldn’t keep from shaking. He hated his summers at home from Hogwarts, tormented as he was by his belligerent cousin. He and Dudley had just gotten into a terrible fight because Harry refused to steal the neighbor’s cat for Dudley. The very thought. Now Dudley was determined to show Harry who was boss – with his fists and feet, no doubt.

Harry let out a tiny sigh of relief as his cousin pounded up the stairs, but apparently Dudley had preternatural hearing. “Harry!!!” he bellowed, storming back into the kitchen and snaking a sweaty arm under the table, getting a firm grip on Harry’s scrawny shoulder. He hauled the smaller boy out into the open and raised his other fist to strike. “Wait!” Harry yelled, seized by a sudden idea. He recalled an unbelievably easy cookie recipe Hagrid had taught him during his last winter at Hogwarts. No magic involved, even. “If you don’t hit me, I’ll teach you how to make Healthy Cookies in under ten minutes!” Dudley’s eyes narrowed and he relaxed his hand. Dudley loved food even more than beating on Harry and he didn’t knowhow to make Healthy Cookies. “You promise they’re good?” he asked, stroking his chin. Harry nodded as he scrambled to his feet and grabbed a mixing bowl. “As good as a Muggle cookie can be!” Dudley looked confused but followed him anyway.

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