Healthy Eating Diet Plan

Healthy Eating Diet Plans for Women Inspired From Celebrities

We live in a time when we can see a weight loss success story almost every time we watch TV. We can also read tons of best sellers written by famous people who managed to miraculously get in shape following a simple routine. We begin wondering what is their secret weapon and how we can follow their example to look our best… Are you ready to stick to our beginners guide to healthy eating?

Singer Jennifer Hudson is a very good example of shocking weight loss transformation. She managed to lose those extra pounds by joining Weight Watchers. Former Girls Next Door star Holly Madison also succeeded to get back in shape after having gained 19 pounds in 18 months. She managed to lose the extra weight by adding Pilates and yoga to her workout routine and adopted a low-carb diet, eating protein bars and fruit instead of her favourite bagels (turns out the essential food groups don’t contain crisps either).

Mariah Carey managed to regain her pre-pregnancy body (she put on 30 pounds during the pregnancy) by sticking to healthy eating and moderate exercise.

Other Shocking Celebrity Weight Loss Transformations

Ricki Lake from Dancing With the Stars reportedly transformed into a slim, sexy lady thanks to the fresh, healthy food provided by the food delivery service Freshology, which provides 1,400 calories daily. Of course, a strict workout routine also contributed to the transformation.

American Idol star Jordin Sparks  also managed to lose 35 pounds with cardio exercise (Zumba) and a healthy diet plan. Kelly Osbourne is another weight loss transformation example. She managed to lose a lot of weight in a short while by sticking to the Bar Method and Pilates, completed by balanced meals.

Drew Barrymore is today a super sexy mom due to the healthy lifestyle she adopted. She went from flab to fab through yoga and running, as well as strictly controlled meals.

Melissa Mc Carthy lost weight through a high-protein diet she began following when she realized she was not a good example for her children. Christina Aguilera lost a lot of weight by trying new types of food and new kinds of exercises. If you were wondering how actor Jonah Hill succeeded in losing that much weight, it seems that Japanese cuisine and a good nutritionist’s advice has helped the actor to maintain his slim physique.

You Can Lose Weight Too

Celebrities are people too and if they can do it, so can you. With a strict exercise routine and a changed diet based on more fibers and less carbs, you can get in shape fast and enjoy your beach body. Trust yourself and great things will happen.

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