Healthy Eating Guide from Zaggora

Nutrition 101 – Easy to Follow Guide for Healthy Eating & Happier Life

Comprehensive nutrition guide that even your Mum would approve!

Trying to figure out a way to actually eat to be healthy? Looking to feel healthier, lose weight and have more energy? We are here to help you demystify the basics of healthy eating and teach you about food and nutrition.

This guide was put together by Dr. Adam Cunliffe, Associate Professor of Nutrition and Applied Sciences at London South Bank University and Dessi Bell, Zaggora Founder. Our goal is to make it easier for everyone to understand the science behind eating well.

We have incorporated easily digestible science, infographics and examples to make it simple and readable.

The guide is split into 10 chapters. You can read it in one go or dip in and out as it suits you. The simple table of contents below will help you easily find the topics you are interested in.

What does eating balanced mean?

The short answer of this is that eating healthy means having a balanced diet that supports growth and a long life.

We say/hear ‘healthy diet’ a lot but what does it actually mean? Best way to look at this is not in the food itself, but the results of eating a particular diet.

For example, a range of very different diets can be healthy, from the fish and fat based Inuit (Eskimo) diet1, through the Mediterranean diet2, and all the way to the blood and milk diet of the Masai3 and many others.

Any diet that supports proper growth and good ongoing physical and mental health, well-being and long life is by definition balanced. We are learning new things all the time about nutrition and should keep an open mind. You’ve surely noticed how frequently advice seems to change about what you should eat.

Key to Healthy Diet Is Eating Locally Sourced and Seasonal Vegetables

To keep it simple, if it’s fresh, seasonal and locally sourced, not from a packet and you cook it yourself it’s almost certainly part at least of that elusive ‘balanced diet’. Knowledge is power so we have put together a short and simple guide on good nutrition to help you get the basics.

Eating Healthy Means Having Personalized Diet

Why is it important to know the basics of healthy eating?

Because eating healthy is not complicated. It just means you need to be aware of a few basics and then designing your own healthy diet that works for you is easy peasy.

Does healthy eating mean sticking on a diet?

No. By definition a diet is restrictive, whereas the foundation of a healthy diet is one which is varied. Eating healthy however does mean being varied in the right things – mainly more fresh and less processed.

Do I need to follow a strict plan to be healthy?

The only thing you have to be strict with is making sure your diet is composed as much as possible of home made, fresh foods, and as little as possible of processed foods full of preservatives.

How much of this do I need to read?

You can read as little or as much as you like. Reading the whole guide will give you a good basic understanding of eating to be healthy. You can also dip in and our, as you please.