Do heels help you lose weight?

The temporary benefits of wearing heels include longer looking legs and a perky backside. But what are the long-term effects of heels on your figure?

Weight loss

The fact is, any form of cardio will help you lose weight, even if its walking. So if putting on heels makes you get off the couch and out of the house, you bet they’ll help you lose weight. Sadly, you don’t necessarily burn any more calories than if you were walking in flats. When it comes to your figure, it’s more about what they can do for your legs, not how many calories they make you burn.

Toning your legs

There is minimal scientific research on the subject, but you’ve felt your calfs and glutes work when you wear heels. Because you’re probably unused to wearing heels, you have to use different muscles than you’re used to in order to walk. This can give your legs an all-rounded tone.

Which heel height?

It’s best to change it up all the time. Wearing 6-inch heels will use the side of your calfs, whereas smaller heels use the main calf and glutes more. By mixing it up you’ll work different muscles. By second guessing your muscles like this, you’ll make them work harder and achieve toned legs.

Don’t substitute for exercise…

While this might be a reason to stick out the pain, don’t be fooled at skip your workout to wear heels. They can tweak the appearance of your legs, but at a slow rate. For faster noticeable results, keep up the sweating and training!

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