Home Cooking Is the Easiest Way to Eat More Healthy

Home Cooking – the Easiest Way to Make Sure You Are Eating Well

How home cooking can improve our health

There’s a wealth of evidence that people who cook and eat at home are slimmer and healthier than those who mainly buy pre-prepared food or eat frequently outside the home.

So why is home cooking best?

Ready meals, fast foods and restaurant food are on average higher in salt, sugar and fats than home cooked meals. This makes home cooking one of the easiest ways to improve health and well-being. By shopping for the ingredients for recipes, the freshest seasonal ingredients can be obtained. There’s no such guarantee with processed and pre-prepared meals and foods eaten outside the home.

Eating fresh

Also, freshly prepared home food won’t have additives like colors, preservatives and artificial sweeteners that packaged, tinned and prepared foods may contain. By taking control of what we eat, we can ensure seasonal, fresh and wholesome food at most meals. You are what you eat isn’t a saying, it’s a reality. Your body tissues are composed of the food you have eaten. Obviously something this important should be a top priority. If you are careful about the products you put on your skin for example, you should be even more careful about what you put in your body!

Eating for better health

Other benefits of home cooking and eating may not be so obvious but are also real. For example, the cooking and preparation process slows us down with respect to food and helps regulate the timing of each meal, reducing our use of packaged food which can simply be ‘opened and eaten’ or popped in a microwave for 5 minutes. Also, cooking and mealtimes are a chance to de-stress, socialize with family and friends and connect with the easiest way to be healthy — eating great food.

Of course we can’t cook an elaborate meal every time and we are often rushing around out and about. It’s important to be realistic and organized. Cook when possible, but when this isn’t practical, aim for great fast food like smoothies, fresh fruit and protein rich snacks. But do make eating well a priority — good nutrition can enrich, energize and extend your life!

Many quick and easy recipes can be found in books, online (YouTube is great for this) and from friends. The benefits in terms of looking and feeling better can be quickly noticed.

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