How to cook Sea Bass with Celeriac Purée

It was Jenny’s first day working for world famous Poissonier Jacques Hivert.

She was late arriving in the kitchen. As soon as she arrived, he barked ‘DO YOU KNOW HOW TO COOK SEABASS’. Jenny gulped… ‘Of course I know how to cook seabass’, she said nervously. In truth, she’d learnt how to cook seabass at cooking school but it was never perfect. Jacques raised an eyebrow slowly. Jenny quivered. ‘ALLEZ!’ he shouted.

Seabass is one of the most delicious treats from the ocean. In this recipe, we serve it on a smooth celeriac purée with steamed broccoli and a wedge of lemon. It’s a wonderfully meaty, clean source of protein. This recipe is tasty enough all on its own, but it’s worth going the extra mile to make this accompanying celeriac.

We also use wine and onion purée to create a dish far more rich and creamy than 349 calories should allow.

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