How to make Falafel, a tale from Arabian nights

Shahrazad was nervous. She had to cook for her husband, the king. She’d learnt how to make falafel from her mother, but she’d never made it before for the king. She thought it was ‘pretty alright’. But did she dare make it on this balmy summers night? Rumor had it the rest of his wives had lost their lives because he didn’t like what they cooked. ‘Maybe they didn’t know how to make falafel’, she thought. Shahrazad sat on the ledge of the palace looking out onto the warm night sky. She slipped her new iPhone 6 in rose gold from her silky pocket and began to google.

She typed ‘how to make falafel’ and a mysterious result appeared. She clicked the link, nervous about where she may end up. A beautiful page loaded in front of her eyes, filling her screen with joy. A recipe on how to make falafel and a story, ‘how delightful’ she thought. As her husband the king sat watching the football in the other room, she began to read and cook at the same time. ‘As long as I follow this recipe on how to make falafel’ she thought, ‘my life will be spared’. The stakes were high.

There are plenty of ingredients here, but falafel is in fact easy to make and even easier to eat. And any extra falafel you make can be refrigerated and is delicious cold or reheated the next day – or as a snack to bulk up your calorie intake (about 35 cals per falafel).

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