healthy pancakes

Making Healthy Pancakes, with some secret ingredients…


If you woke up feeling like being a naughty girl or boy today, we have the healthy pancakes recipe for you. Indulge your decadent, disobedient side without throwing your health goals completely out the window – make these healthy pakcakes with chocolate chips and eat them in bed with someone you love. Hmm, dreamy…

Between the melty chocolate, the chocolate syrup, and the whipped cream, they’re more dessert than breakfast. However, these healthy pancakes are made with low-fat, high protein ingredients, including cottage cheese and egg whites. Oat flour makes for a gluten-free, fiber-filled pancake that tastes similar to a traditional wheat pancake without spiking your blood sugar or sending you into a food coma – never a good feeling.

If you want to feel naughty but look good, whip up a batch and enjoy. These healthy pancakes come together quickly in a food processor or blender and get jazzed up with fun toppings. If you, like add some Zaggora breakfast smoothie into the mix too.

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