How to make oats with berries and nuts, official Goldilocks recipe

You may have heard the story, Goldilocks was a naughty little girl.

Today though, Goldilocks is married with 3 kids and lives in Iowa.

She knows how to make oats, almost better than anyone else.

What the story didn’t tell you and as we can exclusively reveal today, Goldilocks stole the recipe how to make oats from Daddy, Mommy and Baby Bear. #noshame.

To this day, we can’t disclose her exact location because she’s still in the Federal Bear Protection Program. #noregrets. After 2 years of delicate negotiations with her super-agent in LA, we interviewed Goldilocks on her farm.

This recipe is the incredible original version of how to make oats from that fateful night, so many years ago.

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