healthy eating plan to lose weight

Is It Important to Follow a Healthy Eating Plan to Lose Weight

Why Diets Don’t Work

Losing weight and keeping it off can sometimes be a difficult task. It requires determination, a clear goal in mind and a good action plan. Research has shown us that dieting does not aid in long term weight loss or maintenance. It has actually been concluded that dieting will cause more harm than good in time. Although you might see rapid results with a drastic diet, the weight will come back when you get off the diet. Crash diets also come with a host of health problems.

Yo-yo eating will wreck your metabolism. The more you follow this style of losing weight the more likely you are to be less and less likely to slim down in the future. Hair loss, hormonal imbalances and digestive issues are another set of problems you can expect.

Long Term Weight Loss

In order to keep weight off it is important to follow a healthy eating plan that will ensure not only that you are getting all the nutrient you require, but that you are slimming down at a slow and steady rate.

In order to achieve this, you need to rethink your eating habits. The average woman requires around 2000 calories per day, while the average man requires about 2,400. Of course, these requirements vary based on age and activity level. If you are sedentary, you should be consuming less calories than if you are physically active. Also, as you age, need less calories.

Healthy Eating Plan to Lose Weight

Even if you work out regularly and are generally physically active, you can’t compensate for a bad diet, no matter how hard you tried. Weight Loss comes mainly from changing your diet. In the fitness industry it is said that abs are made in the kitchen. The generally agreed upon ratio is 20% workout and 80% diet. So let’s check those claims. Let’s say you work out 5 times a week (although most people rarely manage to  workout 3 times).

If done properly, you lose about 300 calories per session. Intense sessions can burn more calories, but can also cause burnout in time. That would end up being 1500 calorie deficit per week. If you eat a bad diet full of processed food, let’s say your calorie intake would be at around 2500-3000 for an active woman. If you cut your diet back by 1200 calories, to be 1300-1800, that would lead to around 8400 calorie deficit per week. Combining the two , diet + workout, would be ideal, but if you had to pick one, a healthy diet seems to be the clear winner.

Another issue is the way food makes you feel. Eating junk food and sugar heavy meals, will make you sluggish and leave you feeling heavy. Under these conditions it is unlikely you will be in any mood to work out. A bad diet can sabotage your motivation and leave you tired and depressed.

A healthy eating plan will slim you down gently and consistently. It will improve your digestion, but also the overall relationship you have with your body.

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