Ingredients for weight loss

Want a tablet to assist your weight loss journey? We’ve got one. Today’s blog post is all about getting to the nitty gritty of Slendermelt ingredients – where, why and how…?


Thermogenics – it has been proven that caffeine speeds up your metabolism and the rate at which you burn fat (1) for a few hours after ingestion. This is because it increases your body temperature.

Decreases hunger – caffeine tricks your body into thinking it has just digested sugar. This means that your energy levels will peak and the hunger rumbles will subside momentarily – especially useful when dieting.

Improves exercise – having caffeine before training increases your exercise performance (2), It also increases your energy, allowing you to train harder for longer. It can help your mentality because it kickstarts the production of serotonin and dopamine. These are hormones which improve your mood and allow you to feel more pumped up for your workout. Caffeine also increases the blood flow to your muscles and speeds up your heartbeat. This means your muscles will work more effectively during exercise. With caffeine in your system, you can push your muscles further for faster long-term effects!


Biotin is needed by the body to help break down fat. It is in meat and fish, especially fish liver. B7 is also found in many foods, but in very low levels. This is why ingesting it from our Slendermelt can help speed up your weight loss.

Capsicum extract

Cayenne Pepper also known as the red hot chilli pepper whose name speaks itself! It originated in South and Central America, but it is named after the French region of Cayenne. Cayenne is great for your digestion. It helps produce saliva which aids the breakdown of food and stimulates the flow of enzyme production. The pepper is also known to relieve migraine pain. Its spice essentially distracts the brain from focussing on head pain. Cayenne can help prevent blood clots and heart attacks because it promotes fibrinolytic activity. It is also detoxifying as it stimulates circulation and reduces acidity and in doing so increases your body temperature and boosts your metabolism. While the spiciness of Cayenne has many benefits, the fruit is also rich in Vitamins A and E!


Also known as Brazilian Cocoa, Guarana is a red fruit from the Guarana Paullinia. Its seeds are what we eat which are black and about the same size as a coffee bean. The Guarana plant was named after the Guarani tribe in the Amazon who used the plant for medicinal purposes. The plant’s leaves were used as a herb by the tribe, too, known as stevia. Today this is often used as a sweetener. Guarana is high in potassium, calcium, Vitamin A & C, making it good for bone strength, blood circulation and your immune system. It contains caffeine to give you an energy kick. Guarana has also been said to help anxiety, mental performance and weight loss. Guarana has been known to remedy malaria, diarrhoea and effects from exercise endurance. However, there is insufficient evidence to back these claims up.

Vitamin Bs

Vitamin B is particularly necessary to boost energy levels. While folate and B-12 are most effective at this, most variations of B Vitamins help absorb nutrients from the food you eat. This allows you to get more energy from food and more nutrients that will help bodily functions work more effectively.

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