Lifestyle tweaks to blast belly fat

Belly fat is a weird one. Even if we’re super toned everywhere else in our body, sometimes belly podge just won’t budge! This is usually to do with the food and drink you’re consuming, but it can also be down to lifestyle choices, too. Here are some tweaks you can make to your life to help get that flat stomach!

Skip the bootcamp

When first going on a health kick, bootcamp is often considered a great accompaniment to shed the pounds and jumpstart your fitness. If bootcamp helps with your mindset, then great! But don’t stop there. Performing regular aerobic exercises, rather than infrequent bouts of it, can reduce belly fat. That’s not to say that HIIT workouts don’t work, as long as you are doing long enough sessions for the most part of the week.

Avoid diet fizzy drinks

Surely diet drinks that have 0 calories in won’t affect your weight? Unfortunately they do. Even though technically diet soda has no energy in it, your body is tricked into thinking it’s processing sugar because of the artificial sweeteners. This leads to an insulin spike and kicks the body into fat-storage mode, rather than fat-loss mode!

Add walnuts…

…to everything!! Well, maybe not everything, but at least one meal a day to help shrink your middle. Walnuts are full of healthy fats which mean they reduce fat storage – they even help with cholesterol levels: the more good fat in your system, the less bad cholesterol there is. While walnuts have a high healthy fat content, so do other nuts such as cashews and peanuts – any of these will do the job!

Curb the coffee, get the green tea

Green tea is good for your belly. It contains compounds called catechises which boost your metabolism to help reduce fat cells. While green tea has caffeine in it, roasted coffee caffeine affects you in a different way. It spikes insulin levels, slowing down your metabolism. Need that caffeine kick without the belly fat? Swap your coffee for green tea… you’ll thank us later!

Eat complex carbs

There isn’t much researched evidence surrounding the carbs/ belly fat discussion. One thing that has been proven, though, is that complex carbs are the way forward. They take longer to digest so burn more calories. Because they take longer, they don’t immediately turn into unused sugar energy which is then stored as fat.

Go crazy for coconut oil

For some reason, coconut oil doesn’t raise cholesterol levels and is burned as energy rather than stored as fat. Even though olive oil is good for you, coconut oil could be better for your waist. It has the same number of calories in, plus all the fat-burning qualities. It also smells great, tastes good and will work with nearly everything!

Treat yourself with dark chocolate…

…at least once a day! And who wouldn’t want a treat this often? Researchers have found that by having 1 or 2 squares of dark chocolate a day can reduce your waist size. This is down to the flavonoids in dark choc which are anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory. It has also be proven that dark chocolate helps lower your cholesterol levels – with less bad fat in your system, your body will function better to maintain a healthy bodyweight.

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