Lose Weight In One Week

How To Lose Weight in One Week

Quick fixes are rarely the solution but they are often necessary. Although weight loss is considered a long term affair, it is possible to speed up the process. Whether you need to be in top shape for your class reunion or for your wedding, there are some steps you can take to lose weight in one week without crash dieting or taking weight loss pills.

  • Cut out carb to lose weight in one week

Carbs, even good ones, can lead to weight gain. Cut out carbs completely for one week to eliminate water weight and to switch your body to burning fat storages. Avoid potatoes, wheat products like breads, pastries and pasta, desserts, rice, quinoa, oats. Basically if it’s a cereal, it needs to go. For even more fast results, cut out most fruit, especially tropical ones. Eat blueberries and raspberries, as they are low in sugars.

  • Eat Protein and veggies

Although it might sound boring, it is actually quite effective. Proteins are very filling and actually consume calories to get digested. Non-starchy veggies work great with protein as they offer much needed fiber and minerals.

  • Drink plenty of water

When you cut out carbs, your body starts shedding the water weight. To aid the process, make sure you drink plenty of water. Dehydration will stall your weight loss goals. Drinking around 3L per day is good. If you work out, it should be 4L. Drinking 1L of water on an empty stomach is great for losing weight and helping your digestive system keep up.

  • Workout 4 times a week

Working out is an important element of weight loss. Make sure to incorporate 3 days of strength training and 1 day for cardio. Don’t be afraid to use heavier weights. The more muscles you build the more calories you burn.

A great way to enhance your workout even further is to wear slimming hot pants. By generating heat they will boost your physical routine even if you are working out at the same capacity.  Workout pants that make you sweat are great for fighting off cellulitis as well.

  •  Drink Green Tea To Get In Shape

Try  to drink  3 cups of green tea per day. Do not add sugar to it. You can have it cold as a treat during hot days or hot after a meal. It boost your metabolism and it is full of disease fighting antioxidants.

  • Snack on nuts

When the munchies hit it is great to have a healthy snack on hand. Almonds and walnuts make a healthy and filling snack . They will give you an energy boost. They have plenty of good fat that will keep you full and stimulate brain function as well. The selenium in nuts is also a much needed support for your thyroid which regulated weight loss.

  • Get snoozing to lose weight faster

People rarely associate lack of sleep with weight gain, but research has shown that you are more likely to maintain a healthy weight if you get enough sleep.

If you follow this program you should lose anywhere between 5 to 10 pounds in one week.  Make sure however that you do not deprive yourself nutritionally. Even with cutting carbs, this can still be a balanced meal plan if you consume lots of fresh vegetables, get plenty sleep and stay hydrated.

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