Low-impact workouts that are super effective

Some days are for smashing out 5k run, others are for being kind to your body. While high-impact sports are satisfying and good in lots of ways, they have a higher risk of injury. Low-impact on the other hand, can be super effective but be softer on your body. We’ve put together a list of low-impact workouts to get your heart rate up.


Essentially a dance class, Zumba is an aerobic workout inspired by Latin dancing. Zumba classes are fun and designed to allow yourself to let loose – the best way to shed the pounds! You’ll sweat, you’ll laugh and you won’t even realise that you’re working out. The dances consist of mainly step work which means that the impact is low.


This might sound strange,  but climbing steps is actually a great workout! You can burn more calories in 30 minutes walking up steps than you can walking for an hour. There are also step-climbing machines in the gym for a more focussed workout. Step-climbing will get you out of breath, making it a good form of cardio. It will also tone up your booty as well as other lower body muscles. Step-climbing is easy on your joints and low impact to protect your body!


AKA the sweatiest workout ever. This is why it’s one of the most effective low-impact workouts. In most cases, you spin faster than you run which means that you also burn more calories. A usual spinning workout would include sprints. These spikes of intensity increase burn more fat than staying at a steady pace (1).

Rowing machine

This takes some determination – rowing uses nearly every single muscle in your body. An effective rowing technique uses 60% legs & glutes, 20% core and 20% arms, as well as being bad-ass cardio, too. To prevent back injuries and get the most out of your workout, place your self at the front of the machine with your legs bent and your body rocked forward. Leaving your arms locked out and your upper body forward, push your bum towards the back of the run. Bring back your body then pull back your arms and get back to the front of the machine in reverse order, and repeat! A good place to start would be doing intervals of 500m!


While swimming tones up nearly every muscle, it also requires some hard work in the cardio department. In fact, regulating your breathing in swimming has similar effects to a yoga session but with added cardiovascular benefits. The resistance of the water makes it a low-impact but tough workout, especially without having hardcore music pumping through earphones – use it as a time to reflect and tune into your mental strength to push through the lengths.

Power yoga

Power yoga burns an average of 400 calories per hour. It keeps your heart rate high while increasing your oxygen uptake. Power yoga is also highly effective because it uses every muscle rather than isolating one or two. Its a great way to stay strong and lean without putting your body under too much strain. The best part? After a power yoga session you will have ticked off your cardio, strength training and yoga – ideal!

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