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What Makes High Rise Hot Pants So Special

The Evolution of Workout Pants and Tops Over the Years

Fitness has evolved so much over the years and consequently, so did fitness clothes. If in the ‘40s and ‘50s women wore jumpsuits, culottes, cute shorts and perfectly defined curly hairdos when working out, the ‘60s brought a real revolution in active wear:  women started to wear formfitting sports clothing, shorts and structured tees, when working out on slide boards or with resistance machines.

Fitness Pants Fashion from the ‘70s On

In the ‘70s, women discovered the joy of wearing leotards, that they paired with sweatshirts and high tops in the ‘80s. We can’t talk about the ‘80s without mentioning Jane Fonda and the way she popularized fitness specifically for women. The style of the fitness clothes was bright, bold and really tight. Of course, we have to mention headbands and leg warmers which completed the fitness outfit.

In the ‘90s, women loved wearing cropped tank tops with high rise bike shorts at the gym; the outfit was completed by a must-have scrunchy worn around the wrist and a looped ponytail. In the 2000’s a lot of workout options emerged, from kickboxing to yogilates, which resulted in a diversification of active wear items. You can wear almost anything to the gym, from running tights to tank tops, capri yoga pants and track jackets. The 2000s also gave us the technology that helps us maximize our efforts:  heart rate monitors, Garmins with built-in GPS, treadmills with TVs, and, last but not least, digital music and iPods.

High Rise Hot Pants – Effective Slimming Active Wear

Most women have difficulties toning their tummy and thighs. And it’s for this reason high rise hot pants were invented. Today, active wear designers spoil us with a large variety of quality workout pants that help us lose even more weight by intensifying the sweating process and helping us burn more calories during workouts.

Women who want to slim in style should purchase a pair of high rise hot pants that will trim their waist and reduce that stubborn muffin top. You can be a super babe at the gym if you opt for comfy body smoothing hot pants with a flattering cut that further enhances the slimming effect of the special thermal fabric which reduces body fat. Sweat your way into shape with a pair of high rise workout pants that really work.

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