Should you replace a meal with a smoothie?

When we think of being healthy or losing weight, we often think detoxifying smoothies. While they can be incredibly beneficial for your health aims, they can also have the opposite effect. It’s important to be mindful of what you’re including in your meal replacement shakes, how often you drink them and why you’re having them in the first place.

Loosing weight with meal replacement shakes

Smoothies can be awesome when looking to shed a few pounds, there’s no doubt about it. But don’t just assume that because it’s a smoothie it’s going to help. It’s easy to blend together a load of calorific food to make a smoothie taste yummy. Not only will this be less satisfying (you are effectively sipping a drink), but your body hardly uses up any calories processing the smoothie. When on a diet, make sure you include healthy, low calorie foods as well as some protein because your body uses up a lot of energy breaking it down. Try adding 2 scoops of protein powder, some light soya milk (or water), as much veg as you’d like and half a banana for a weight loss smoothie.

For a delicious tasting one, our chocolate coconut breakfast smoothie powder is a good option – you can add as much veg as you like while tasting the chocolate, too. Our breakfast smoothies also contain so many other nutrients which will give you energy when you’re consuming less food than usual.

Getting your essential nutrients

If weight loss isn’t your main concern but getting all your essential nutrients is, smoothies could be your favourite meal of the day. They can taste amazing and you can chuck in all the healthy produce you like without getting too full – ideal! Even with the most healthy salads they can be hard to fit in your stomach, especially if they’re stack full of veg and seeds. By blending all this goodness in a breakfast smoothie, you can get all the nutrients first thing in the morning without hassle. Why wouldn’t you have one?

Using meal replacement shakes to balance your diet

If you really want to reap the benefits from a meal-replacement smoothie, make sure you keep up your balanced diet. This means the right amount of carbs, protein, fibre and fats. Avoid just having protein and nut milk, or just veg. If you’re having it instead of a meal, you need all the goodness you’d get from a proper meal. A balanced smoothie might include Zaggora Vanilla breakfast smoothie powder (for protein & superfoods), spinach (fibre), beetroot (fibre & hydration), oats (carbs & protein) and nut milk or water.


Remember your portion control. While you can probably add as much veg as you like, be careful to only add the correct amount of fats, carbs and protein. Otherwise you could be drinking two meals in one go! To increase the volume of smoothie without adding more contents, pour in some more water – you probably won’t even notice your smoothie is a bit thinner than usual but you’ll get fuller quicker.

Quality of your meal replacement smoothie

What’s the point of having a smoothie for a meal if it’s not full of goodness? Make sure you add wholesome foods with lots of goodness in otherwise you won’t be fuelling your body enough. Our breakfast smoothies are great for this. They have pea and hemp protein in them, as well as a range of superfoods and nutrients that your body needs but we rarely think about eating. If you focus on a yummy smoothie full of bad food, it’s not recommended to use this as a replacement meal. Instead, have it as a tasty snack so you get nutrients from your meal times.


Having a smoothie as a meal can aid you in weight loss, but are more effective at fuelling your body with the nutrients you need. When replacing any meal with a smoothie, make sure you consider the contents of it. The best meal to replace with your favourite blend is brekkie – especially with protein in it – the nutrients will give you energy throughout the day and smoothies are quick to make! So the answer? Yes, you should if you struggle to eat as much goodness as you need, but think carefully about why you’re having a smoothie before you substitute a meal with it.

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