Meditation on the road

New town, new bed, new food, new routine – life on the road can be stressful. When everything is upsy-turvy, it’s important to find a way to bring you back to you. What better way to do this than some meditation? No equipment needed and it can be done anywhere, at any time. We discuss ways that might help you meditate while travelling – whether it’s for work or pleasure.

The benefits

To convince you that mediation can be the best accompaniment to life on the road, first you need to know its benefits – mind, body and soul.

Mind: when you enter the relaxed state through meditation, your mind has a much calmer response to tough situations. When travelling, you often face these often! By practicing meditation daily, you’ll feel more tranquil for a good amount of time, allowing you to handle the business of the day ahead.

Body: many people find that meditation also relaxes the body. Their heart rate slows, their breathing deepens and even their muscles relax. You might also find that by continuing on your meditative journey whilst travelling, that you have more energy. Travelling is exhausting so any extra energy is worth it!

Soul: having that time, even if just 5-10 minutes per day, to yourself and your thoughts can really help you understand yourself. You can become more aware of your mind and body together – both of which help to make up your soul!

Mindful driving

Driving can be monotonous. From driving the kids to school, to being on your 5th hour of a road trip. Use this time to bring your awareness back to you. Of course, it is not recommended that you close your eyes when behind the wheel, or take your awareness off of the traffic around you. A meditation coach once reminded me that meditation isn’t centre around shutting off the outside to understand yourself. Instead, consider how you are feeling – think about what is around you and how it impacts you. By accepting the world around you rather than pushing it away will help you bring your mind to body more coherently. Another tip on how to meditate while driving is to play some relaxing music to help you enter the meditative mindset.

Meditate when you’re a passenger

In the passenger seat of a car, plane or train is one of the most effective times to meditate. You don’t have to concentrate on driving, you can close your eyes or even let your mind wonder through the window. Just simply relax. Try focussing on your breathing or the hum of the vehicle to ease you into your meditation. A word of advice: find a seat with a good ambience. Whether it’s in the sun or on the side of the car with the great views – bask in it to be at one with yourself.

Meditation whilst being active

This idea seems bizarre, but actually walking, hiking or running could be the best time to meditate for you. The movement helps calm your mind. It also allows your mind to focus on something else at the same time to avoid any fidgeting or wondering minds! What’s the best kind of activity to do? Hiking. Find a beautiful landscape to explore because feeling at one with nature does wonders for our meditative mindset.

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