No Equipment, No Excuse! Bodyweight exercises to do anywhere

On the move? Going on holiday? Can’t get to the gym? Don’t let that be an excuse to go off track! Bodyweight exercises can be just as challenging. Below are 20 exercises you can do anywhere, anytime and only using your own body.

Upper Body

Push ups

The classic push up might seem a bit standard, but it’s well known for a reason. Get into the plank position and, keeping your body level, lower yourself down towards the ground. Before you touch the floor, push yourself up again. Don’t give in and drop your knees. Do this 15 times and tell us it’s not a challenge!


Lie face down then raise your legs and arms simultaneously. Keep your glutes, core and arms tight and you should feel the burn!

Mountain Climbers

Position yourself in plank and keeping your body as level as possible, pull one knee towards your upper body. Do the same with your left leg and repeat as fast as possible without losing your form.

Arm circles

Standing up, move your arms in large circles forwards. Do this 30 times then move them the other way. You should feel it in your biceps and shoulders in particular.


Shoulder taps

Get into the plank position. Making sure your body is level, use your right hand to touch your left shoulder. Do the same with the other arm. Your body will want to rock from side to side, but keep it still to focus on core strength.

Raised leg Russian twist

Sit with your legs bent, the soles of your feet resting on the floor. Raise your feet but keep your core strong and your back straight. Don’t slump or you could hurt your lower back! Place one hand on top of the other and touch the floor next to your right glute. Then touch the other side and repeat. You’ll be working your lower abdominals and obliques!


In the plank position, lower yourself down onto your forearms. Push up your right arm, then your left and lower each one again. Now do this starting from your left side and repeat. Make sure you stop your body from rocking side to side to get those abs (and arms!) burning.


Lying on your back move your legs upwards so they’re at right angles. Lift your head and shoulders of the ground then move your right elbow to your left knee and repeat with the other side. This one burns so be prepared!

Leg raises

Lying on your back, place your arms by your side and raise your legs at about 45°. Lower them down but don’t let your heels touch the ground. It’s really important to not let your back become arched. This will put stress on your lower back. If you can’t keep your lower back on the floor, don’t raise your legs as high and build up to that over the coming weeks.


Don’t forget about this gem of an exercise. If you don’t find it challenging enough, rock your body forwards and backwards. Remember to tuck your pelvis under and keep your body straight!

Side Plank

On your side, elevate yourself onto your forearm and feet. You should feel like you’re rocking back slightly. If you’re on your right side, lift your left leg up to feel it more in your waist.


Glute bridge

Lying on your back and using your glutes, lift up your pelvis so that it is in a diagonal line with your quads. Then, lower it down to the floor and repeat. Turn it up a notch by having one leg raised at right angles.

Donkey kicks

Trust me, you’ll look more elegant than a donkey. On your hands and knees, extend one leg outwards and turn up your lower leg so it’s at right angles. Engage your glutes and push your flexed foot up to the sky. Remember to keep it controlled.

Rainbow kicks

Again, on your hands and knees extend one leg outwards. This time, keeping it straight, move it upwards and then down towards your left side. Then, move back towards the middle and lower down to your right side. Repeat this and it will hurt. No pain no gain!


With your feet at hips width apart, move your bum back as if you were about to sit down. Keep your core strong to protect your lower back and lower your bum down. The aim is to have your legs at right angles. To step it up a level, try a one legged squat. Good flexibility will make them easier!

Jump squats

Use the squat technique above, but when you reach right angles, jump up and point your toes. This will also tune into some cardio!


Wall sit

With your legs at right angles, rest your back flat against a wall. Let your arms hang by your side. If you thought the exercises above burned, you’ve felt nothing yet!


Step out one foot in front of the other so your knee is at a right angle. Make sure your knee doesn’t go over your toes! Lower yourself down and push back up. This should hurt your quads and glutes mainly. Too easy? Try jump lunges!

Calf raise

Pretty simple! Stand with your feet together and raise onto your toes, tuning into your calfs. Lower again and repeat.

Sumo squat

Place your feet far apart with your toes facing outwards. Lower yourself down so your lower leg is at right angles with your upper leg. Keep your back straight and you should feel it in your inner thigh.





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